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SOL Vocabulary Test-taking Strategies

   Virginia Standards of Learning


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SOL Teacher Direct

Virginia DOE Testing and Standards of Learning

Virginia Department of Education
Content Area SOL Pages
Each includes:
SOLs, Curriculum Frameworks, Enhanced Scope & Sequence, SOL Resources, Blueprints (including VMAST), Crosswalks, and Resources for Instruction & Assessment (including Practice Items and Released Tests)
English SOLs 2010
Reading Skills Progression Chart K-12
Writing Skills Progression Chart K-12
Grammar Skills Progression Chart K-12
Research Skills Progression Chart K-12

Math SOLs 2009
K-3 Math Achievement Records

Science SOLs 2010
Science Progression K-3
Practices for Science Investigation Progression: K Physics

History and Social Science SOLs 2008
History and Social Science SOL Institutes

Fine Arts 2006

Health 2008

Physical Education 2008

Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning-
Comprehensive Standards for 4-year-olds 2007

Alternate Assessments
Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP)
Virginia Grade Level Alternative (VGLA)

Computers/Technology & SOLs
Computer/Technology SOLs 2013
Electronic Practice Assessment Tool (ePAT):
online test simulation using Released SOL test items
SOL Technology Initiative






Online Interactive Quizzes, Games & Resources
Updated Spring 2013

ACPS SOL Testing Resources
Kindergarten SOL Review
First Grade SOL Review
Second Grade SOL Review
Third Grade SOL Review
Fourth Grade SOL Review
Fifth Grade SOL Review
Multi-grade SOL Review




Grade K-5 SOLs in condensed form:    
all standards for each grade level contained in a single document


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade




Math SOL Word Wall vocabulary K-5
English SOL Vocabulary
Critical SOL vocabulary
(Rockhill Elementary, Stafford County-all grade levels





Teacher Share

Using technology tools to help with assessment

Kathy Schrock assessment page
Transforming classrooms: an assessment Webquest
Quia: SEARCH their quizzes/activities
Kids Place: Math test prep
Online Quiz Generators (create your own)
DiscoverySchool Quiz Builder:
login to your Discovery Ed account*: on search page, click Quiz Builder under Builder Tools
Hot Potatoes: quizzes & exercises (free for nonprofit educational institutions)
Online Rubrics
Rubrics & authentic assessment
Teacher-created rubrics
Rubistar (create rubrics)


PALS Vocabulary Quick Check: 1st Grade

QuickCheck Vocabulary List 1
QuickCheck Vocabulary List 2
QuickCheck Vocabulary List 3
QuickCheck Vocabulary List 4
QuickCheck Vocabulary List 5


*contact ITRT if you need help with this




Teacher Share

Test Taking Strategies PowerPoint
Test-taking Tips for Elementary Students
TestQuest (be a better test-taker)
Test-taking strategies
Test-taking tips
Top Ten Test-taking Tips for Students
Studying for Tests
Preparing Students for Tests Grades 3-5
A Good Night of ZZZ’s and other test-taking tips
Prepare Students for Standardized Tests
Standardized Test Preparation
Test Stress busters from kids, and test-taking tips

No Pain, High Gain  (teachers & students)

Reading Tests

Reading Tests  Test-taking strategies
for three subject areas

Reading Test Tips
Multiple Choice Tests
Multiple-choice test-taking tips
Multiple Choice Questions with Maps, charts, etc.  
Math Tests
Math test-taking tips




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