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Local governing bodies are required by the Code of Virginia to provide financial support to their public school division at a minimum level established annually by the Department of Education. Required local effort reflects the amount of financial support the County of Alleghany is required to provide for the Standards of Quality categories. Basic Aid, Textbooks, Vocational Education, and Special Education are examples of Standards of Quality categories.


Required local match is the financial support the County is required to make toward optional programs in which Alleghany County Public Schools chooses to participate. Examples of these optional programs include the Virginia Preschool Initiative, the At-Risk Program, and the K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction program. The following table provides data regarding required local effort and required local match for the County of Alleghany:




Estimate of Requirement

2018/2019    Projection

2019/2020 Estimate of Requirement

2019/2020   Budget

Required Local Effort





Required Local Match





Total Local Funds






Notes: The County of Alleghany provides their local funds to the school division in total and does not distinguish between local effort and local match. The total local funds provided, as noted above, will vary from the amount reported by the Commonwealth of Virginia each year due to their exclusion of certain categorical expenditures such as capital outlay. The total local funds amounts noted above reflect actual monetary support provided by the County of Alleghany to Alleghany County Public Schools.


For questions or comments regarding this information please contact Keven Rice, Director of Finance via phone at (540) 863-1813 or via e-mail at krice@alleghany.k12.va.us.