Grading Scale for 2019 2020 School Year

Grades 6th - 12th  

                All classes

10 point Grading Scale                   GPA                       Weighted GPA

100-90                   A                             4.0                                         5.0

89-80                     B                             3.0                                         4.0

79-70                     C                             2.0                                         3.0

69-60                     D                             1.0                                         2.0

59-0                       F                              0.0                                         0.0


                Therapeutic special education (VAAP Students), remediation, and computer lab will receive:

                                P             Pass

                                F              Fail


Grades 3rd through 5th

Core Classes-10 point Grading Scale         Grades for Specials/Electives

100-90                   A                             E              Exceeds/Meets Expectations for standard

89-80                     B                             N             Does not meet expectations for standard

79-70                     C

69-60                     D

59-0                       F


Grades 1st and 2nd

Core classes       

E              Exceeds/Meets Expectations for standard

NP          Making progress on expectations for standard

N             Does not meet expectations for standard


Grades for Specials/Electives

E              Exceeds/Meets Expectations for standard

N             Does not meet expectations for standard


Grades for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten

All classes

E              Exceeds/Meet Expectations for standard

N             Does not meet expectations for standard


Elimination of the 5 Point add-on to the final grade for passing the SOL assessments/career credentialing exams

All high school courses will have an end of course assessment which shall count 20% of the final grade.  Seniors may be exempt from the assessment if they have an A average in the class.

Report cards will reflect no grade lower than 40 for the first 9 weeks of a course.

Required Interim Reports will be sent home at the 4 week interval for all subjects at the elementary level and for all courses at the middle school and high school.

Any student working below grade level will be recommended for intervention/remediation.

For grades 3-5, the Language Arts grade will include Reading (60%), English/Writing (30%), and Spelling (10%).

Honor Graduates shall have at least a 3.55 GPA.  The Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Grad status will be determined after first semester of the senior year.