Press Release: Alleghany County Schools Summer Activity Bus Schedule

Alleghany County Public schools announces the schedule for summer activity buses which will begin running Thursday August 1st, 2019.These buses are designed for the use of students participating in any school-related activity at Alleghany High School and/or Clifton Middle School. Elementary school attendance area(s) will be served.Parents and students need to check newspapers and newsletters to determine the starting dates for their sport or activity. Football and Golf will begin practice on Thursday, August 1st, 2019, while Cross Country, Cheerleading, and Volleyball will begin on Monday, August 5th, 2019.

On August 1st, 2019 and August 2th, 2019, the activity buses will begin runs at approximately 3pm and will depart AHS at 9pm. On Monday, August 5th, the activity buses will begin runs at approximately 3pm and will depart CMS at 6:15pm, AHS at 6:30pm, and a second departure from AHS at 9pm.

On Tuesday, August 6th, 2019, activity buses will begin around 7am and will depart CMS at 10:15am and AHS at 10:30am. On August 7th, 2019 the buses will begin around 3pm and depart CMS at 6:15pm and 6:30pm. Beginning the first day of school, Thursday, August 8th, 2019, activity buses will depart CMS at 6:15pm and AHS at 6:30pm.

Please note: activity buses will not run on Friday (after August 2nd) and/or weekends and/or early release days.

For specific transportation related questions, please contact Marion Nicely at (540) 965-1809.

Sharon, Iron Gate, Clifton Forge, Low-Moor/Selma

The route will originate from Sharon Elementary school, via Longdale Furnace Road to Cliftondale to Iron Gate; from Iron Gate through Clifton Forge and Selma/Low-Moor to Alleghany High School then Clifton Middle School.

Deborah Nicely, Bus # 05

(7am on August 6th)

Sharon Elementary School, 3:00pm††(7:00am)

Triangle Store, 3:03pm ††(7:03am)

Cliftondale BP †††3:06pm ††(7:06am)

Cliftondale Exon 3:07pm ††(7:07am)

Iron Gate Post Office, 3:10pm(7:10am)

Verge St @ Mound Street, 3:15pm ††(7:15am)

Family Dollar, 3:20pm†† (7:20am)

Old Clifton Forge East, 3:25pm †††(7:25am)

Old Clifton Middle, 3:30pm†† (7:30am)

Church St @ McCormick, 3:35pm ††(7:35am)

Hardees, 3:39pm†† (7:39am)

Selma (Old Carterís Store) 3:44pm††† (7:44am)

Low Moor-Selma Rd @ Old Church St, 3:49pm†† (7:49am)


Falling Spring, Callaghan, Valley Ridge

The route will originate from Covington on Jackson River Road to Falling Spring School through Indian Draft Road to Callaghan; Callaghan to Covington via Midland Trail (Route 60); Valley Ridge Road/Winterberry toAlleghany High School then on to Clifton Middle School.

Chuck Harlow, Bus # 46

(6:45am on August 6th)


Clearview: Dusty Rd @ Patricia Drive, (2:45pm) 6:45am

Falling Spring School, (3:00pm) 7:00am

Indian Draft/Morris Hill, (3:10pm) 7:10am

Callaghan Elementary School, (3:25pm) 7:25am

Westwood @ Flor-Kab, (3:35pm) 7:35am

Rosedale (front of Social Services Building), (3:40pm) 7:40am††

Monroe Ave @ Pine St, (3:45pm) 7:45am

Valley Ridge Road Rd. @ Western Sizzlin, (3:50pm) 7:50am


Boiling Spring, Mallow

The route will originate from Boiling Spring School to Covington via Route 18 to Mallow to Alleghany High School then on to Clifton Middle School.

Jim Hallet, Bus #7

(7am on August 6th)


Boiling Spring School, 3:05pm†† (7:05am)

Castile Market3:10pm†† (7:10 am)

Route 18 @ Pitzerís Ridge , 3:20pm (7:20am)

Potts Creek Rd @ Cherokee Forest, 3:30pm ††(7:30am)

Carpenter Drive @ Samís, 3:35am†† (7:35am)

Horse Mountain View @ Brentwood, 3:45pm ††(7:45am)

Mallow Mall@ (old Bank building), 3:50pm†† (7:50am)