Classified Advisory Committee to the Superintendent

Meeting Summary Notes: November 6, 2017


Meeting Summary Notes are intended to serve as the superintendent’s reflection on the discussions that occur during advisory committee meetings.  They are not intended to be exhaustive.  Instead, they are a general record for our on-going efforts to assess our needs, determine our goals, map out our strategies, and evaluate our policies, procedures and programs.  Participants should contact the superintendent if they observe any critical oversight or misinterpretation in these notes.


Participants present: Pam Hirt (CES), Melissa Borduas (CMS), Jackleen Crizer (MVES), Monty Bowman (MVES), Matt Paxton (SBO/Technology), Jan Hobbs (SBO), Mary Jane Mutispaugh (SBO), Lorie Bess (SBO), and Eugene Kotulka (Superintendent). 


1.     A participant asked if bus drivers could have key fobs so they can get in the buildings in the early morning, if needed.  It was noted that bus drivers are often at the schools before the principal and it would be helpful to have access to the restrooms.  Mr. Kotulka replied he would discuss this with Mr. Nicely and Mr. Truett, but key fobs were only given to employees who had keys in the past, and bus drivers did not have keys to the buildings.   

2.     A participant expressed concern that a bus driver went to another school division because she could not get benefits here.  Mr. Kotulka replied benefits are only provided for full-time employees, per policy. 

3.     A participant asked why administration continues to enable deviant students.  He stated such behavior is often times “swept under the table”.  Mr. Kotulka replied this is a concern that would need to be discussed privately so not to release any private student information, however, students who create disruptions will be removed from the bus.  The length of the removal from the bus is dependent upon the nature of the incident and the number of times the student has caused a disruption on the bus.  The consequences are progressive up to being removed from the bus for the rest of the school year.

4.     Mr. Kotulka reported the Capital Improvement and Comprehensive Plans would be updated over the next few months and encouraged participants to review the plans and offer input.  A public hearing will be held on December 18. 

5.     Mr. Kotulka reminded participants there is an expectation for all employees, bus drivers included, to check their email daily and to respond within 24 hours, if a response is needed.

6.     Mr. Kotulka reported the first Administrative Budget Committee meeting would be held on November 9.  Sammie Brookman, Bill Biggs, and Tim Lewis will serve on the committee this year.  He noted the revenue sheets usually come in over the holidays.  A participant stated all employees should be on a living wage scale. 

7.     Mr. Kotulka reminded everyone to exercise their right to vote on Election Day.       


      The meeting ended at 1:25 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:  February 7 – 1:00 p.m. 


The Alleghany County School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, political affiliation, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  The following have been designated as the contact regarding compliance issues associated with this non-discrimination policy and compliance with Title IX:  Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel and Director of Assessment and Accountability.  For questions and compliance with Section 504 and ADA contact the Director of Special Education.  Alleghany County School Board Office, 100 Central Circle/P.O. Drawer 140, Low Moor, Virginia 24457. 540-863-1800.