Teacher Advisory Committee to the Superintendent

Meeting Summary Notes: February 7, 2018


Meeting Summary Notes are intended to serve as the superintendentís reflection on the discussions that occur during advisory committee meetings.They are not intended to be exhaustive.Instead, they are intended to serve as a general record for our on-going efforts to assess our needs, determine our goals, map out our strategies, and evaluate our policies, procedures and programs.Participants should contact the superintendent if they observe any critical oversight or misinterpretation in these notes.


Participants present: Jackie Almarode (AHS), Tommy Crawford (MVES), Jeanne Smith (CES), Cindy Fox (CMS), Melissa Nicely (SES), Rebecca Johnson (SES), Lorie Bess (Admin. Asst.), Mary Jane Mutispaugh (Director of Instruction), Jan Hobbs (Director of Assessment and Accountability), Fred Vaughan (Director of HR and Pupil Personnel), and Eugene Kotulka (Superintendent)


1.    Mr. Kotulka reported the first scheduled make-up day is Feb. 19.If more days are missed after that, the Tuesday of Spring Break would be a make-up day and then days will be added to the end of the school year from that point on.A participant asked if make-up days could be early release days and Mr. Kotulka replied they will be full days.


2.    Mr. Kotulka discussed the New Tech program.He stated the state recently passed the ďProfile of a Virginia GraduateĒ and the New Tech program is designed to actively engage students in learning, while the community gets involved too.He explained it is more than job shadowing and we want our students to be college and/or career ready after high school.He stated SOLís will still be taught.


3.    Mr. Kotulka discussed the budget noting the Local Composite Index, which tells us how much funding we will receive, will decrease next year, which means we will receive decreased state funding.He reported Boys Home will be doing their own program next year, which is a loss of approximately $500,000.†† He noted he hopes to give a step increase to employees this year and next year.He stated health insurance rates are increasing slightly so take home pay may decrease.


4.    Mr. Kotulka reviewed health insurance options.He noted new this year is a surcharge to add a spouse if they have available insurance through their employer but choose not to take it.††††

5.    Mr. Kotulka discussed Policies GCBI (Civic Duties) and GCBD-RA (Sick Leave).He noted the proposed changes to the sick leave policy would allow 10 and 11 month full-time employees to convert two sick leave days to personal leave days if they have been employed by ACPS for 10 years and have a balance of 50% earned sick leave and if an employee could plan ahead, they could potentially save up 5 days.He noted we are the only school division to offer this.The goal is to recognize loyal employees and make it possible for them to attend important life events.††

6.    A participant stated the temperatures are still not regulated well in the school. Mr. Kotulka recommended they contact Mr. Truett.


7.    A participant asked if antibacterial soap, instead of regular soap, could be used in the buildings to help fight illness.Mr. Kotulka replied Mr. Truett is checking into this.


8.    A participant stated adults are charged more for lunch but are not served adult portions.Mr. Kotulka stated he would discuss this with Violet Paxton, Division Cafeteria Manager.


9.    Mr. Kotulka asked if anyone had any feedback on why students are eating fewer school lunches.Some teachers spoke directly with students and these were some of the replies:

         Food does not taste good

         On a diet (girls)


10.  A participant asked if fewer bank days could be in the calendar in the first semester than second semester, because they arenít usually used.Mr. Kotulka explained we would have to adjust the time of day school ended in the first semester (approximately 10 minutes).Consideration would also have to be given to the JRTC schedule and sports.He also noted it may be difficult for parents to adjust to a different end time for each semester.


11.  A participant asked if principal evaluations could be more uniform and not have questions that could narrow down the individual and that they should be completed and turned in at the same time.Mr. Kotulka replied they must be talking about surveys because staff members do not do evaluations on principals.He agreed there should not be any identifiable information on the survey and they should be done at the same time.He encouraged everyone to take the surveys serious, and be honest but not be ugly toward someone.It was suggested to have the TTRT create a Google Survey so everything is anonymous.†††


12.  A participant reported the fence on the back playground at SES is still not complete.Mr. Kotulka recommended the principal talk directly to Mr. Truett.


13.  A participant stated another teacher cannot get speakers for her Smart Board.Ms. Mutispaugh recommended they complete a work order.


The meeting ended at 5:05 p.m.NEXT MEETING:March 12, 4:00 p.m.†††


The Alleghany County School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, political affiliation, disability, or age in its programs and activities.The following have been designated as the contact regarding compliance issues associated with this non-discrimination policy and compliance with Title IX:Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel and Director of Assessment and Accountability.For questions and compliance with Section 504 and ADA contact the Director of Special Education.Alleghany County School Board Office, 100 Central Circle/P.O. Drawer 140, Low Moor, Virginia 24457. 540-863-1800.