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DATE:†† March 19, 2018





Special Education Regional Program Application Plans


I am currently working with Paul Raskopf of the Virginia Department of Education to formulate a plan for Alleghany County Public Schools to host a Regional Tuition Program for special education students with low incidence disabilities beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.


Since school divisions must work cooperatively in a Regional Tuition Program, tentative plans are being made for the division to work with other divisions that may include Covington City Schools and/or Bath County Schools. This program would enable ACPS to receive reimbursement from VDOE for up to 5% of our identified special education population for services provided to students in the program with autism spectrum disorder or multiple disability identifications. Students from partnering divisions could apply for acceptance into the program. ACPS would be able to charge tuition of partnering divisions for the students they have participating in the program.


The tentative plan is to utilize the continuum of services that we have in place for students with significant disabilities with the behavior support program at MVES, the self-contained classes at CMS and AHS, and the TEACH program. The additional funds we would receive as reimbursement from the state would enable us to increase appropriate staffing to these programs and increase the services provided to these students based on their identified individual needs.


Paul Raskopf will be working with me and with any partnering divisions on completing an application process prior to the end of the school year.


Based on our current special education population, I anticipate that this program would make approximately $150,000 in additional funding available to the division for the students we have in this program. Tuition charged for students from other divisions participating would add to this number.




Regional Tuition Program




Elizabeth V. Heath, PhD, Director of Special Education