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ESSA Consolidated Application 2018-2019



The 2018-2019 federal programs grant application is due to be submitted to the Virginia Department of Education by July 1, 2018.Attached to this memo is the budget portion of the proposed grant application and the consortium agreements for Title I C and for Title III.Final allocations for 2018-2019 will not be available before the submission deadline.


Following the receipt of the final Standards of Learning assessment results and the final funding allocations, the grant proposal will be revised to target identified areas of need.The critical issue at this time is to have the submission of the grant application approved by the school board in order to ensure timely appropriation of funds.


Again this year, Alleghany County Public Schools will participate in the Title III Statewide Consortium led by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.We receive less than $10,000 in funding and must participate in a consortium to access these funds.In addition, we participate in a Title I C consortium led by Albemarle County Schools.These funds are designated for migrant education and are currently not applicable to Alleghany County Public Schools.By participating in this consortium, funds would be available to our school division if they are ever needed.


I am requesting approval of the grant application at the June 18, 2018 school board meeting.Please let me know if you need additional information.





Federal ProgramsTitle I Part A, Title I Part C, Title II Part A and Title III


Public Law 107-110 Elementary and Secondary Education Act


Mary Jane Mutispaugh






Attached: ESSA Consolidated Application