Comprehensive Plan

2015 – 2021






Alleghany County Public Schools is committed to preparing all students to graduate.  Students will:

·       Be well rounded and productive citizens;

·       Master 21st century skills;

·       Exhibit a strong work ethic;

·       Work collaboratively to accomplish team goals;

·       Utilize effective communication skills;

·       Demonstrate self-confidence in creative and constructive decision making; and

·       Be dedicated to lifelong learning.



Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS) values diversity in teaching and learning and works together to meet students where they are to support them in achieving their highest potential.  ACPS provides a nurturing environment that incorporates 21st century skills to develop life-long learners who are well-rounded citizens.  ACPS also celebrate our successes.



·       In the ability and desire of all students to learn, achieve, and succeed at their highest potential;

·       In teaching and learning 21st century skills in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment to promote lifelong learning, build strong character, and develop productive citizens;

·       In partnerships among parents, staff, students, and community members in contributing to and promoting the success of the learning community through effective communication;

·       In professional staff who create a safe learning community that fosters high expectations, collaboration, love of learning, respect for diversity, and a sense of belonging; and

·       In providing safe, modern, and inviting programs and facilities by seeking and maximizing resources.



The Comprehensive Plan clearly defines the purpose of the school division as well as communicating the goals and objectives to the entire school community.  The major focus is the education of students.  The Comprehensive Plan ensures the division’s resources are used effectively and towards the goals of the division.  The plan also provides a base from which progress can be measured and an opportunity to collaborate and to build consensus for the direction of the division.



·       Alleghany County Public Schools will provide the opportunity for all students to achieve at the highest possible standards academically and in terms of student academic progress.

·       Alleghany County Public Schools will provide a climate of mutual respect that promotes student academic progress.

·       Alleghany County Public Schools will provide a safe environment that recognizes differences among students.

·       Alleghany County Public Schools will provide a program of instruction that results in acceptable, measurable, division wide student academic progress based on established standards.







Table of Contents


Goal 1: Provide a curriculum to address 21st Century skills in grades JK-12.

Goal 2: Improve the screening process for identifying students at risk of failure and maintain a program of remediation and recovery for students who may be at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements.

Goal 3: Maintain current applications of technology for integration throughout the curriculum.  Implement One-to-One technology initiative at the high and middle schools.

Goal 4: Enrich and expand diverse achievement opportunities for all students.

Goal 5: Gathers, analyzes, and uses a variety of data to guide planning and decision-making consistent with established guidelines, policies, and procedures that result in student academic progress.



Goal 1: Restructure alternative education while maintaining compliance with federal ESEA and state requirements to assist students who may be at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements.

Goal 2: Development of a division wide prevention protocol for identifying at risk students at the elementary, middle and high school levels in order to maintain positive trends in the high school graduation rate.

Goal 3: Exceed performance criteria for state and federal designations to achieve Fully Accredited status at all schools and division level.



Goal 1: Survey middle and high school students biennially to determine trends in school health as compared to the national average with special attention to student risk behaviors, e.g. teen pregnancy, alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

Goal 2: Maintain a safe, disciplined, and drug-free environment by increasing positive behavior interventions to reduce rates of discipline referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. 

Goal 3: Promote effective communication between employees and the Alleghany County Public School community - Board members, parents, students, and community members.

Goal 4: Increase communication with community organizations and county government officials to promote, and support public education.

Goal 5: Promote community programs to address social and emotional issues, conflict management, and bullying.





Goal 1: Require annual training and provide information to all employees regarding safety, harassment, employee rights, and responsibilities.

Goal 2: Alleghany County Public Schools shall recruit, employ and retain highly qualified staff.

Goal 3: Annually review and update procedures for school building safety, security audits, threat assessments and crisis planning.

Goal 4: To ensure that each facility meet or exceed security and safety standards to include electronic security measures.

Goal 5: Ensure the expenditure of all funds is efficient and cost effective.

Goal 6: Maintain a framework to address the needs, goals, and priorities of the division.

Goal 7: Maintain and update five-year capital improvement plan in accordance with state guidelines.