Bus Route Impacts of Durant Road Closing

Bus route changes are required due to Durant Road being closed for repairs near the Covington Walmart beginning Monday 3-4-2019 and continuing until further notice. Pick Up and Drop Off times have been scheduled as close to normal times as possible. A few students who ride Bus 25 will ride a different bus in the morning and/or evening as indicated below.

AHS/CMS - Bus 25

AM Routes

Bus 31 (Richard Ray)

         Students normally picked up at the Casey Field / KFC stop will be picked up at approximately 7:48am by Bus 31.

PM Routes

Bus 25 (Gini Lekan)

         Students riding from AHS/CMS to Monroe and Fudge Street should not be impacted.

         Going home, starting at the Durant Rd. & Jefferson stop and continuing along the Route 18/Potts Creek route, AHS/CMS students may be up to ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes behind normal schedule.

Bus 23 (Teresa Ailstock)

         Students who normally ride Bus 25 to the Rosedale stop will ride Bus 23 and will arrive at approximately 4:10pm.

Bus 31 (Richard Ray)

         Students at the Casey Field / KFC stop will be dropped off at approximately 4:20pm.


AM Routes

Bus 33 (Crystal Fridley)

         Students picked up at Covington Kroger will be five (5) minutes behind normal schedule, approximately 8:13am. All other stops will be on time.

PM Routes

Bus 33 (Crystal Fridley), 34 (Carla Arritt) and 59 (Cheryl Daniels)

         All stops along Route 18/Potts Creek Road can expect to be ten (10) minutes behind normal schedule.


Alleghany County Public Schools Transportation