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The superintendent is authorized to approve resignations of employees. Any resignation must be in writing.

A teacher may resign after June 15 of any school year with the approval of the superintendent. The teacher shall request release from contract at least two weeks in advance of the intended date of resignation. Such request shall be in writing and state the cause of the resignation. The teacher may, within one week, withdraw a request to resign. Upon the expiration of the one week period, the superintendent shall notify the School Board of the decision to accept or reject the resignation. The School Board, within two weeks, may reverse the decision of the superintendent. In the event that the Board or the superintendent declines to grant the request for release on the grounds of insufficient or unjustifiable cause, and the teacher breaches such contract, disciplinary action, which may include revocation of the teacher's license, may be taken pursuant to regulations prescribed by the Board of Education.

Other employees who wish to terminate their employment must give notice at least ten school days prior to their desired separation date. Notice should be given to the employee’s immediate supervisor, who will inform the superintendent. The superintendent will inform the School Board of the resignation at its next regular meeting.

Adopted:          May 21, 2018


Legal Ref.:       Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-304.

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