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The Alleghany County School Board provides career and technical educational programs incorporated into the kindergarten through twelfth grade curricula that include

·        knowledge of careers and all types of employment opportunities including, but not limited to, apprenticeships, entrepreneurship and small business ownership, the military, and the teaching profession, and emphasize the advantages of completing school with marketable skills;

·        career exploration opportunities in the middle school grades; and

·        competency-based career and technical education programs which integrate academic outcomes, career guidance and job-seeking skills for all secondary students based on labor market needs and student interest. Career guidance includes counseling about available employment opportunities and placement services for students exiting school; and

·        annual notice on its website to enrolled high school students and their parents of (i) the availability of the postsecondary education and employment data published by the State Council of Higher Education on its website and (ii) the opportunity for such students to obtain a nationally recognized career readiness certificate at a local public high school, comprehensive community college or workforce center.


The School Board develops and implements a plan to ensure compliance with this Policy. This plan is developed with the input of area business and industry representatives and local community colleges and is submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction in accordance with the timelines established by federal law.

The School Board may establish High School to Work Partnerships or delegate the authority to establish Partnerships to the division's career and technical education administrator or the administrator’s designee, in collaboration with the guidance counselor office of each high school in the school division, and educates high school students about opportunities available through such Partnerships.

Adopted:          June 18, 2018


Legal Refs.:     Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-227.1, 22.1-253.13:1.

Cross Ref.:      IJ         Guidance and Counseling Program