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TO:Parents of Middle School Students enrolled in High School Courses


††††††††† Middle School students and their parents may choose to drop the credit for any high school course which they completed while in middle school.However, if this option is exercised, the grades would not be listed on the high school transcript or reflected in the studentís grade point average.The course is not eligible for use as a verified credit to meet graduation requirements unless it is repeated.A minimum of six verified credits is required for graduation.Courses and grades would remain a part of the middle school record.Participation in SOL tests is required of all students enrolled in an SOL course such as Algebra I.The student would be expected to repeat the course(s) as required if this course is dropped.If the student passed the SOL test, the student would not repeat the SOL test, just the course.


††††††††† At this time, all middle school students enrolled in high school courses are enrolled for credit.After discussing the no-credit option with your child, determine if you want to pursue this option.If you choose to exercise this option, please fill in the form below and return it to your childís school counselor or teacher no later than June 15.We encourage you to discuss this option with your childís teacher and school counselor before making a final decision.



Student Name _________________________ Student #____________________ Grade _______


High School Course (s) __________________________________________________________


Teacher(s) Name(s) _____________________________________________________________


Counselor Name _______________________________________________________________


Please allow _____________________to complete the above course(s) for no high school credit.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (Student)


School Student will attend next year: _______________________________________________


We understand that the course(s) and grades remain a part of the middle school record but will not be shown on the high school transcript, used in the grade point average, or counted toward high school graduation requirements.The student will repeat courses as required.



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