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    What Is Mimicry?
    When one animal copies the appearance, actions, or sounds of
  another animal, the first animal is called a MIMIC.  You can think of
  it as a copycat!

   How Does Mimicry Help Animals?
    Usually, an animal will MIMIC another to avoid predators. If it can
   trick its enemy into thinking it is something less tasty or more
   dangerous, it will survive.

  Here are some animals that mimic other animals:


Can you guess which one is a sea slug and which
is the flatworm mimic? The sea slug gives off
poisonous, smelly chemicals to discourage its
predators.  Why would the flatworm want to
look like the sea slug?
Picture from

Two of these are Bumblebees(with stingers) and two are Robber Flies (which also make a sound similar to a bee).
If you were a predator, could you "bee" sure of the difference?

Click to hear what
  the predator              
  would hear

Picture From the Wildlife Preservation Trust International
Is it a snake
 or a caterpillar?
The enemies of the Hawk Moth caterpillar don't know! So they avoid it--just in case!
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