Press Release- Incident at Alleghany High School January 30 2019

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For Immediate Release
January 30, 2019 

Eugene P. Kotulka, Superintendent
Alleghany County Public Schools




ALLEGHANY COUNTY, VA -   The administration at Alleghany High School was made aware of a social media threat this afternoon. Upon learning of the threat, the administrators immediately investigated the social media post and reported to the Sheriff’s Office. It was determined that the threat was made by a student and was not a credible threat. However, Alleghany County Public Schools and the Sheriff’s Office take any threat seriously, whether it was done in jest or to disrupt our schools.

We understand situations such as these are concerning to parents, students, and the greater community. We want you to be aware that the administration of Alleghany High School has exercised extreme diligence and taken all proper actions required by law and in the best interests of our students and our faculty.

Alleghany County Public Schools maintains strict policies and procedures designed to protect the safety and well-being of our students.   We urge you to have a serious conversation with your children about the ramifications of threats. It does not matter if they meant the words as a prank, a joke, or sarcasm, we take them seriously, and so does the Sheriff’s Office.  We urge everyone to remain vigilant.  If you or your child hears or sees anything unusual, please report the unusual activity to the school or local law enforcement officials immediately.  We must work collaboratively to keep our children safe in the community and safe at school.  Together, we can make a difference!