19-317: VSBA Media Honor Roll

P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle

Low Moor, VA  24457






            During its regular meeting on June 24, 2019, the Alleghany County School Board took the following action:


                Randall S. Tucker, Chairman                                                     

Jennifer S. Seckner, Vice Chairwoman

Gerald E. Franson

Donnie T. Kern                                                                         

            R. Craig Lane                                                                           

            Danielle I. Morgan                                                                    

            Jacob L. Wright                                                                                    



            On motion of _____, seconded by _____, that the following resolution be adopted:


WHEREAS, in each community, the public schools are shaped by the community to provide the most appropriate and effective education for the schoolchildren who attend those schools; and


WHEREAS, public schools are dependent on the community’s support in countless ways, including support in setting goals for the education of our children, in establishing successful volunteer and booster programs at the schools, for annual funding of operations, in periodic bond elections, in the appointment of qualified school board members; and


WHEREAS, much of the community’s knowledge and opinions about the public schools rely on responsible reporting by local media representatives who decide which news to share with the community, how much attention will be focused on various issues, and what the tone of the reporting will be; and


NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the School Board of Alleghany County place the name of ______on the statewide Virginia School Board Association Media Honor Roll, and calling attention to the ongoing responsible and exemplary nature of reporting on this community’s public schools.  We express our appreciation for his/her balanced and accurate approach to sharing with this community both the challenges facing our schools and the successes achieved by the teachers and students.  His/her work aided this community in focusing on the goal of providing the best public schools we can for the children who attend them.





_____________________________________                             June 24, 2019

Randall S. Tucker, Chairman                                                      Date


_____________________________________                             June 24, 2019

Lorie C. Bess, Clerk                                                                   Date