October 14, 2014

Alleghany School Board Names Principal of Alleghany High School

The Alleghany County School Board appointed Mr. Dwayne Ross to serve as the principal at Alleghany High School.

Mr. Ross graduated from Alleghany High School in 1988. He received his bachelor’s degree in History from Virginia Military Institute in 1992. Mr. Ross furthered his education and received his master’s degree in Administration and Supervision PK-12 from James Madison University in 2002.

Mr. Ross served as the Director of Alternative Education from August 1992 until June 2002. He then became assistant principal at Alleghany High School and has remained in that position until now.

When asked about his appointment, Mr. Ross stated, “Alleghany County Public Schools and Alleghany High School have always been about T.L.C. – Teaching, Learning, and Caring. I have been invested in Alleghany High School since my freshman year back in 1984. The success of the faculty, students, parents, and community are extremely important to my everyday life and existence. I want Alleghany High School to be considered the best high school in the world. I am going to do everything within my power to get everyone to focus and work towards the success of everyone. I am very honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to be the principal and educational leader at Alleghany High School.”

Speaking on the administrative change, Randy Tucker, Chairman of the Board, stated, “On behalf of the School Board, we want to welcome Mr. Ross as the new principal of Alleghany High School. The Board is confident he will be successful in his new position.”