Press Release - Selection of School Colors



For Immediate Release

October 20, 2021


School Colors Selected for Alleghany Highlands Public Schools


The Joint School Services Committee has announced the selection of the colors for Alleghany High School and Covington Middle School, upon the consolidation of the two school divisions. 


After reviewing the results from the student vote, the Joint School Services Committee (JSSC) supported the navy blue and Columbia blue option, that was also most popular with students.  By a margin of 200 votes, students endorsed the combination of navy blue and Columbia blue.  As a reminder, The Cougars will be the mascot for both Alleghany High School and Covington Middle School.   

The consolidated school division name Alleghany Highlands Public Schools incorporates Iron Gate, Clifton Forge, Covington, and Alleghany County and also aligns well with other local endeavors, including but not limited to, the Chamber of Commerce’s significant efforts to brand the area for economic development.   Similarly, the school names reflect the history of schools.