Monday, August 21, 2006, 110 Rosedale Ave., Covington VA
6:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting


                  Call to Order / Moment of Silence / Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

07-32       Approval of Minutes of July 10, 2006 Regular Meeting (action)
07-33       Approval of Minutes of July 24, 2006 Called Meeting (action)

                  Community Participation

07-34       2006 Media Honor Roll Commendations:
Darrell Gleason & Mark Pifer, Covington Virginian-Review

07-35       School Board member questions and reports

                  Budget & Finance

07-36       Payment of bills (action)
07-37       Budget report (information)
07-38       Cafeteria report (information)

                  Superintendent’s Reports & Recommendations    

07-39       Provision of the Virginia Public Records Act (information)
07-40       Authorization of resolution to apply for 2% literary loan to reimburse costs of renovating
Sharon, Callaghan
                 and Falling
 Spring elementary schools (action)
07-41       Timeline for evaluation of school division six-year comprehensive improvement plan (information)
07-42       Preliminary report on 2005-2006 SOL test performance
07-43       Summary of 2005-2006 state discipline, crime and violence report (information)
07-44       Status report on school division response to 2004 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (information)
07-45       Alleghany Foundation grant proposal: mental health counselor (action)
07-46       Authorization to implement 2006 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (action)
07-47       2006-2007 federal school nutrition program annual agreement (action)
07-48       Capital improvement update (information)

                  Policy Revisions

07-49       New Regulation JHCF-R, “Guidelines for Student Wellness Management” (action)
07-50       Policy GCBEB, “Military Leave and Benefits” (action)
07-51       Regulation GC-R, “Organizational Chart” (action)

                  Closed Session

07-52       Code of Virginia:
                      2.2-3711.A.1 – Personnel Matters / Actual and potential appointments, assignments, resignations and 
                      salaries, as well as the establishment of superintendent’s 2006-2007 performance goals and objectives.
                      2.2-3711.A.10 – Discussion or consideration of special awards.
                      2.2-3711.A.2 – Student Matters / Consideration of appeal of non-resident student policy application.


07-53       Personnel actions (action)

                  Other business

07-54       Additions to agenda