July 25, 2005


The Alleghany County School Board held its regular meeting on July 25, 2005, at 4:30 p.m. in the School Board Conference Room in Rosedale.

PRESENT: R. Joe Anderson; R. Wayne Botkins, Vice Chairman; H. Hunter Fridley; David W. Halsey; Randall Tucker; and Michael L. Whitehead, Chairman. Also present:  Robert P. Grimesey, Superintendent/Clerk and Terrie S. Wright, Deputy Clerk.

ABSENT:  Robert A. Fridley

Chairman Whitehead presided and called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.  The call to order was followed by a moment of silence followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Whitehead announced two additions to the agenda:  Item 06-30, a revision to School Board Policy JED-R, and the addition of Section 2.2-3711.A.3 of the Code of Virginia – Real Property/Discussion of Potential Land Acquisitions and/or Disposals to the Closed Session of the School Board.


(06-27) CODE OF VIRGINIA: Personnel 2.2-3711.A.1, Pupil Personnel 2.2-3711.A.2 and Real Property 2.2-3711.A.3
              MOTION:  That the School Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel, Pupil Personnel and Real Property as
              authorized by the Code of
Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1, 2.2-3711.A.2. and 2.2-3711.A.3.
                                              MOTION: Mr. Tucker
                                              SECOND: Mr. H. Fridley
                                              VOTE: Unanimous

                 MOTION:  That the School Board return to open session from closed session.
                                               MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                                               SECOND: Mr. Halsey
                                               VOTE:  Unanimous


WHEREAS, the Alleghany County School Board has convened an executive meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative recorded vote and in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act; and

WHEREAS, Section 22.1-.3712.D of the Code of Virginia requires that a recorded vote of this School Board be conducted in order to certify that the executive meeting was conducted in conformity with Virginia Law:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Alleghany County School Board hereby certifies that, to the best of each member’s knowledge, (1.) only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under the law were discussed; and (2.) only such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed meeting was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the meeting by the public session.                                             
                                                MOTION: Mr. Tucker
                                                SECOND: Mr. Botkins
                                                ROLL CALL VOTE: Mr. Anderson – Yes                          Mr. Halsey - Yes
                                                                                   Mr. Botkins – Yes                              Mr. Tucker - Yes
                                                                                   Mr. H. Fridley - Yes                            Mr. Whitehead – Yes
                                                                                   Mr. R. Fridley - Absent                                                                                                                                                           




(06-28) PERSONNEL                                                                      ATTACHMENT I                                                                                          
                      MOTION: That the Board approve the personnel recommendations as presented by the Superintendent.
                                               MOTION: Mr. H. Fridley
                                               SECOND: Mr. Mr. Anderson
                                               VOTE:  Unanimous


(06-29)   Disposition of recommendation in pupil personnel case #06-01.
MOTION:  That the Board approve the disposition of pupil personnel case #06-01 as recommended by the
                                               MOTION: Mr. Mr. Botkins
                                               SECOND: Mr. H. Fridley
                                               VOTE:  Unanimous


(06-30) Revision of Regulation associated with Guidelines for School and Class Attendance.

Mr. Fred Vaughan, Director of Student Services, proposed a revision to Alleghany County School Board Policy Regulation, JED-R, “Guidelines for School and Class Attendance.”  The revision adds language that allows for out of school suspensions to count toward excessive absenteeism when the suspension is assigned as a result of a student’s failure to complete a less severe form of discipline, such as detention or Saturday School.

MOTION:  That the Board approve the revision to Regulation JED-R as recommended by the Superintendent.
                          MOTION: Mr. Halsey
                          SECOND: Mr. Tucker
                          VOTE:  Unanimous


                MOTION:  That the July 25, 2005 meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.
                                       MOTION: Mr. H. Fridley
                                       SECOND: Mr. Halsey
                                       VOTE:  Unanimous