November 20, 2006

The Alleghany County School Board held its regular meeting on November 20, 2006, at 6:00 p.m. at Mountain View Elementary School (Gleason Forum Hall).

PRESENT: R. Joe Anderson; R. Wayne Botkins; H. Hunter Fridley; Robert A. Fridley; David W. Halsey; Randall S. Tucker, Vice Chairman; and Michael L. Whitehead, Chairman. Also present:  Robert P. Grimesey, Superintendent/Clerk and Terrie Wright, Deputy Clerk.

Chairman Whitehead presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  The call to order was followed by a moment of silence and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance led by members of the Mountain View Elementary SCA. Romania Jordan and Mary Ann Morris, Mt. View Teacher Assistants, sang “You Raise Me Up.”

Mr. Whitehead announced an addition to the agenda:  Item 07-134 – Bonnie Murray, President of the Alleghany High School PTSA.                                                              

             MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the October 16, 2006 regular meeting.
                           MOTION:  Mr. Anderson
                           SECOND:  Mr. Botkins
                           VOTE:    Unanimous

 (07-108) APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF November 3, 2006 Work Session
             MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the November 3, 2006 work session.
                            MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                            SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                            VOTE:    Unanimous

              MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the November 9, 2006 called meeting.
                            MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                            SECOND:  Mr. Anderson                              
                            VOTE:    Unanimous


(07-110) Opening remarks and welcome by Mrs. Teresa Johnson, Principal of Mountain View Elementary School.

Mrs. Johnson, Principal, Mountain View Elementary School, welcomed everyone to Mountain View Elementary School.  She said she was pleased to report that Mountain View had achieved full accreditation for the third year, and also that it made AYP.  Mrs. Johnson continued by saying the accomplishment was, and continues to be, a team effort by staff, students, and parents.  She said the attendance tonight of parents and staff indicated their common bond, which are the students.  She concluded by saying that she would like to thank each of the board members for all they do for the students in Alleghany County.

(07-111) Remarks by Joleen Feazell, President of the Mountain View Elementary Parent Teacher Organization      

Ms. Joleen Feazell, President of the Mountain View Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, welcomed everyone to Mt. View Elementary.  She said she had been fortunate to have worked in the school since its opening.  She said she saw the educators from two schools put aside their differences and work toward the common goal of educating the children.   She went on to say that the students leave Mt. View ready to face the challenges ahead, but is it fair to expect the students to enter the high school where educational demands are greater but the resources and conditions are so poor they become distractions? Ms. Feazell said our community and its leaders take pride in our youth.  She then concluded by saying, “What better way to show that pride than to build a high school that says to our youth, “We believe in you. We want to send you into the world on equal or maybe better footing than your peers.”

(07-134) Remarks by Bonnie Murray, President of the Alleghany High School PTSA

Ms. Bonnie Murray, President of the Alleghany High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), mentioned several concerns related to Alleghany High.  The PTSA believes the structure needs to be replaced and not to be flood proofed.  She said the temperatures in the classrooms are high; noise levels are high; windows are not functional; the lights are antiquated and most cannot be repaired. Ms. Murray went on to say that the walls are crumbling and the floors don’t meet walls.  The mold count is high due to several floods and the high water table.  Regional sporting events cannot be held at the high school as the facility is not able to host the events which mean that the whole community is losing out.  She encouraged all elementary parents to contract her or Mr. Higgins to tour the building or to join the PTSA and get involved.

(07-112) School Board Commendations:

Mr. Rob Fridley, Mr. David Halsey and Mrs. Johnson presented a commendation to Midori Hartley for Demonstration of the Six Pillars of Character Counts.  Commendations were also presented to third graders Savannah Beard, Shannon Bennett, Aaron Boswell, Logan Burks, Johan Cottrell, Anthony Darcus, Andrew Fridley, Austin Fridley, Michael Garrett, Dustin Gibson, Megan Humphries, Logan Hyler, Joseph Putnam and Sierra Watkins; fourth grader Savanna Herr also fifth graders  Eric Barbour, Jacqualyn Burdette, Hope Catlett, Sarah Deacon, Analea Deeds, Kayla Douglas, Ben Humphries, Kayla Johnson, Kyler Lewis, Megan Lockhart, Molly Nicely, Kathren O’Conner, Derek O’Connor, Ben Persinger, James Robinson, Emma Rothe, Jamie  Smith, Jessica Smith, Jennifer Tobin, Keaton Unroe, and Cole Zamana.  These students were recognized for earning a 600 score on one or more of their SOL tests.

 (07-113) School Board Member Questions and Reports

Mr. Botkins congratulated the students for their commendations.  He encouraged the staff and parents to keep up the good work.   He told Ms. Feazell and Ms. Murray that the Board was aware of the concerns and needs of the high school.  Mr. Botkins said that he thought that we are at the point where we realize a change needs to be made.  We are on the verge of making something happen.

Mr. Halsey thanked Mrs. Johnson for hosting the meeting.  He told Ms. Feazell and Ms. Murray that he heard what they were saying. Mr. Halsey said that he had a child in the schools and wanted what was best.  He congratulated the students on their commendations and said he appreciated the teachers and parents.  He mentioned that he had attended a meeting in Williamsburg the previous week and one of the sessions he attended talked about internet security.  He heard other school systems say that their schools did not have very good internet security.  Mr. Halsey said he came away knowing that our schools were far advanced in this area.

Mr. H. Fridley congratulated the students for their commendations and the parents for making it happen.  He thanked Ms. Feazell and Ms. Murray for their concerns of Alleghany High School.  He told them to keep talking it up as we know we need to do something.  He also mentioned the teacher/student demonstration before the meeting where he learned how to make a rocket.  This goes to show how the teachers are getting the students prepared for the SOL’s in innovative ways, he concluded.

Mr. Tucker thanked Mrs. Johnson for hosting the meeting and the wonderful job the teachers are doing.  He also congratulated the parents for their involvement.  Mr. Tucker also mentioned that he had attended the meeting in Williamsburg the previous week.  He said Board members had met with several companies in order to learn how to finance a new high school.  They also met with other school divisions that had either just built a new school or were in the planning stages.  He said, “We know what we need to do and we will give it 110%.”

Mr. Anderson recognized Thanksgiving and said we have a lot to be thankful for.  He said that the duet at the start of the meeting was very inspirational.  He congratulated the staff in all our schools for their dedication as was evident by the number of commendations handed out.  Mr. Anderson said that the Board would continue to work for the progress of our schools.

Mr. R. Fridley thanked Mrs. Johnson for hosting the meeting and the parents for their support. He reflected on the community’s accomplishment in building CMS and Mountain View.  “Now we are faced with another challenge with the high school,” he said.  “We are thankful for the hard work and support of the PTA/PTO’s and the PTSA,” he added.  “It takes a team effort to accomplish a new building.  We need your input.  Let the board members and the principals know your thoughts.  Congratulations to all the students and their parents.”

Dr. Grimesey echoed the Board’s appreciation of Mountain View’s students and parents, but he then asked Mountain View’s teachers and staff to stand and the audience demonstrated their appreciation for them with their applause.

Mr. Whitehead thanked Mrs. Johnson and her staff for their hospitality. He congratulated the students for their perfect scores on the SOL’s.  He also acknowledged the parents, saying that they also make it happen.  Mr. Whitehead mentioned the efficient study with Covington that had taken place the week of November 6.  He said that we needed to be optimistic in order to achieve our goals.  He said the school board had big decisions to make in the coming months of what to do about Alleghany High School.  He said he knew that deep in our hearts the school board wants nothing less than the best for its students.  “We have a tremendous amount to be thankful for,” he concluded. He then reminded everyone of the public hearing on the 2007-08 school budget which will be held at Sharon Elementary School on December 11.


             MOTION:  That the Board approve the payment of the bills as presented.
                             MOTION: Mr. Botkins
                             SECOND: Mr. Halsey
                                      VOTE: Unanimous


Dr. Grimesey reported the following fund balances:


School Operating Fund



School Textbook Fund



Alleghany Foundation Nursing Grant



Governor’s School









Alleghany Foundation School Efficiency Study Grant



Alleghany Foundation Falling Spring Walking Track



Alleghany Foundation Teacher Recruitment Grant


Grand Total


(07-116) Cafeteria Report

Keven Rice, Director of Administrative Services, reported the cafeteria fund net cash balance at the end of October was $ 108,225.97.  This balance represents a $53,482.40 improvement over last month thanks primarily to a periodic deposit of State funds.       


(07-117) Calendar reminders

Dr. Grimesey reminded the Board members of the following meetings:
                Joint work session of School Board and Board of Supervisors, 6:00 p.m., November 27;
                Joint Alleghany-Covington school board legislative dinner meeting, 6:00 p.m., December 4; and
                Public hearing on 2007-08 school board operating budget, 6:00 p.m., December 11.

(07-118) Facility improvement plan for Alleghany High School.

Dr. Grimesey provided background related to the current status of the facility needs at Alleghany High School.  He listed 14 critical problems with the current facility and he offered a timeline of events related to current public and employee interest associated with the issue.  Dr. Grimesey then provided a brief outline associated with each alternative to building a new high school.  The alternatives included: (a.) possible collaboration with Covington City to renovate and expand Covington High School to serve as a comprehensive, 21st century-compatible Group AA consolidated school for all city and county students; (b.) expand, renovate and flood-mitigate the existing Alleghany High School to meet 21st century standards; or (c.) implement a plan of limited “band aid” projects in order to address facility problems as funds permit.  He reviewed information about possible financial options associated with building a new high school and he reviewed what actions would become necessary if the school board opted to give more serious consideration to such a project.  Dr. Grimesey concluded by outlining the choices that he felt the Board could consider at its December 11 meeting: (a.) approve the limited improvement plan that was subsequently presented by Mr. Rice; or (b.) amend the plan to restrict improvement projects to the $500,000 flood insurance cap and to allow time for an in-depth evaluation of the means by which new construction might be completed.  Mr. Rice then outlined the administration’s recommended plan to engage in $7.6 million in improvements to the high school over the next 16 years.  He noted that cost escalation during the 16-year period would result in a final cost of $11.5 million.  Dr. Grimesey and Mr. Rice noted that the projects would be funded by direct allocations from state capital improvement and Lottery funds.  Dr. Grimesey noted that use of these funds for direct improvements would mean that the same funds would not be available for use with debt service.  As a result, Dr. Grimesey concluded that a long-term commitment by the School Board to the “limited improvement” option would effectively eliminate any potential for building a new high school during the next 10 years at least.

(07-119) Nursing program annual report

Susan Fey, Acting Nurse Coordinator, updated the School Board on the School Nurse Program.  During the 2005-2006 school year, the nurses in the Alleghany County Public Schools reported 32,944 clinic encounters in addition to 9,117 telephone contacts.  Mrs. Fey noted an increase in screenings as a result of the nursing staff completing all state mandated hearing assessments and blood pressure screenings.  During the fall of 2005, Body Mass Index (BMI) was assessed.  Results were provided to the Board.  The data generated from the BMI results has been shared with the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB).  As a result, a healthy eating program has been initiated at Alleghany High School under the direction of Ms. Kathy Putman, VDH Education Specialist, and Mrs. Jennifer Unroe of the Extension Office of Virginia Tech. 

(07-120) Final state accreditation results for 2005-06

Sarah Campbell, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, presented the final accreditation report for 2006.  She noted that the Virginia Department of Education had notified Alleghany County Public Schools that all seven schools had earned the status of Fully Accredited for the 2006-07 school year.

(07-121) Proposed revisions to Alleghany High School Course offerings

Sarah Campbell presented proposed curriculum changes for the 2007-08 school year for approval.  The only proposed change involved the addition of Introduction to Statistics as an advanced, dual enrollment math course at Alleghany High School.  Ms. Campbell explained that the addition of this course was part of Year II of an approved plan to increase the dual enrollment offerings on the Alleghany High School campus.
              MOTION:  That the Board approve the curriculum changes for the 2007-08 school year.
                              MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                              SECOND:  Mr. Halsey   
                              VOTE:   Unanimous 

(07-122) Annual report of pupil-teacher ratios

                Sarah Campbell presented the annual report of pupil-teacher ratios.  This report included a breakdown of the pupil-teacher ratios based on core classroom teachers to students and a comprehensive calculation of the ratio of all teachers to students.

(07-123) Annual certification of compliance with House Resolution 17: The Values & Ideals of Western Civilization

Sarah Campbell reviewed House Resolution 17 and noted that Alleghany County Public Schools remains committed to teaching the values and ideals of western civilization.  She said the resolution was approved by the General Assembly in 2004 to ensure that Virginia’s students have an appreciation of Western Civilization and knowledge of its role in developing and maintaining a vibrant, united, and enduring United States of America.

(07-124) Approval of 2006-07 Gifted Education Advisory Committee membership

Mrs. Mutispaugh, Supervisor of Instruction, presented the members of the Local Advisory Committee on Gifted Education for 2006-2007 to the school board.  She explained that the list included parent representatives from each school, administrators, gifted staff, and community members.  The board unanimously approved the following memberships: Ingrid Barber, Lori Barbour, Tammy Berry, Jennifer Chambers, Erika Daly, Michele Elmore, Cindy Ferris, Terry Fridley, Cecelia Gill, Rhonda Gray, Teresa Hammond, Ann Marie Herr, Phaedra Honts, Teresa Johnson, Penny McFall, Mary Jane Mutispaugh, Martha Nicholson, Traci Persinger, Dr. Sue Rollinson, Dr. Michael Scott, Jennifer Seckner, Cindy Sites, Michele Timbrook, and Lisa Worley. 
              MOTION:  That the Board approve the Gifted Education Advisory Committee members as presented.
                              MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                              SECOND:  Mr. Botkins
                              VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-125) Approval of 2006-07 Special Education Advisory Committee membership

Sarah Campbell presented the following Special Education Advisory Committee for approval: Anita Eggleston, Debbie Byer, Maureen Stec, Julie Liptrap, Sandi Hartley, Mr. & Mrs. Will Sales and Patricia King.
            MOTION:  That the Board approve the Special Education Advisory Committee members as presented.
                            MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                            SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
                            VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-126) Bi-annual assessment of Six-Year Improvement Plan: Goals I & V

Sarah Campbell presented an evaluation of Goal 1: Instruction of the Six-Year Plan.  She noted that all schools met the benchmarks for Adequate Yearly Progress and Full accreditation.  She highlighted the impact of the implementation of NovaNET, a comprehensive, standards-based, learning system that had resulted in positive gains in summer school enrollment, in increased curriculum offerings, and in improved performance on Standards of Learning assessments.  Mr. Rice presented the assessment of Goal V which addresses capital improvements.  Mr. Rice noted that five of the eight goals have been achieved which is significant given the complexity and cost associated with capital projects.

(07-127) Capital improvement update

Mr. Rice provided an overview of capital projects.  He noted that October was a quiet month and that the only significant project was preparation of the Central gym for use as a high school and middle school wrestling complex.

(07-128) Proposed school board priorities for 2007 state and federal legislative action.

Dr. Grimesey presented a draft version of the school board’s legislative priorities for the 2007 sessions of the Virginia General Assembly and the United States Congress.  Dr. Grimesey encouraged board members to evaluate the priorities in the context of information that three of them gathered during their recent participation in the Virginia School Boards Association’s annual convention.  He also encouraged all Board members to evaluate the priorities during their December 4 legislative dinner meeting with Delegate Jim Shuler, State Senator Creigh Deeds and members of the Covington City School Board.  Dr. Grimesey said he will recommend final revision or approval of the priorities during the School Board’s next meeting on December 11 at Sharon.

(07-129) Senior Community Service Employment Program                                                                         ATTACHMENT I

                Rob Carpenter, Director of Human Resources and Program Development, presented a recommendation to approve a senior community service employment program.  This program is designed to provide useful community service assignments for low income mature workers, in order to increase their skills in their transition to permanent employment.  In short, this agency pays senior workers and assigns them to a cooperating organization; in return the cooperating organization provides training to the senior worker.  In addition to this win-win scenario, this program will provide our division with a rich source of part-time trainee assistance for job descriptions that historically have proven difficult to staff.
              MOTION:  That the Board approve the Senior Community Service Employment Program.
                             MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                             SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                             VOTE:  Unanimous

Field trip requests.

100 CMS students to The National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD., November 30-December 1, 2006
              MOTION:  That the Board approve 100 CMS students to The National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD.,
                             November 30 – December 1, 2006.
                              MOTION:  Mr. Botkins
                              SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
                              VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-131)      Communications:

The School Board received summary notes from meetings of the following groups:
                October 3 Teacher Advisory Committee to the Superintendent
                October 4 Parent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent
                October 11 Minority Resource Advisory Committee to the Superintendent
                November 1 Parent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent



             2711.A.3 and PUBLIC SAFETY 2.2-3711.A.12.
             MOTION:  That the School Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel, Pupil Personnel, Real Property
             and Public Safety as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1, 2.2-3711.A.2, 2.2-3711.A.3 and
                               MOTION:   Mr. H. Fridley
                               SECOND:   Mr. R. Fridley
                               VOTE:   Unanimous
                               TIME:   8:10 p.m.

             MOTION:  That the School Board return to open session from closed session.
                             MOTION:   Mr. Tucker
                             SECOND:   Mr. R. Fridley
                             VOTE:   Unanimous
                             TIME: 9:15 p.m.



WHEREAS, the Alleghany County School Board has convened an executive meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative recorded vote and in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act; and

WHEREAS, Section 2.2.3712.D of the Code of Virginia requires that a recorded vote of this School Board be conducted in order to certify that the executive meeting was conducted in conformity with Virginia Law:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Alleghany County School Board hereby certifies that, to the best of each member’s knowledge, (1.) only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under the law were discussed; and (2.) only such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed meeting was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the meeting by the public session.
                              MOTION:   Mr. R. Fridley
                              SECOND:   Mr. Botkins
                              ROLL CALL VOTE:             Mr. Anderson –   Yes         Mr. Halsey - Yes
                                                                       Mr. Botkins – Yes              Mr.Tucker - Yes
                                                                       Mr. H. Fridley –    Yes        Mr. Whitehead – Yes
                                                                       Mr. R. Fridley –   Yes             




(07-133) PERSONNEL                                                                                                                                   
            ATTACHMENT II

          MOTION: That the Board approve the personnel recommendations as presented by the Superintendent.
                         MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                         SECOND:  Mr. Halsey
                         VOTE:   Unanimous



Mr. Whitehead requested the addition to the agenda of Item 07-135, Disposition of Pupil Personnel Case #07-12.

           MOTION: That the Board approve the addition of Item 07-135 to the agenda.
                          MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                          SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                          VOTE:   Unanimous


             MOTION: That the Board approve the disposition of pupil personnel case #07-12 as recommended by the                             superintendent.
                            MOTION: Mr. H. Fridley
                            SECOND: Mr. R. Fridley
                            VOTE:  Unanimous


             MOTION:  That the November 20, 2006 meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:   Unanimous
                             TIME:     9:17 p.m.