December 11, 2006

The Alleghany County School Board held its regular meeting on December 11, 2006, at 6:00 p.m. at Sharon Elementary School.

PRESENT: R. Joe Anderson; R. Wayne Botkins; H. Hunter Fridley; Robert A. Fridley; David W. Halsey; Randall S. Tucker, Vice Chairman; and Michael L. Whitehead, Chairman. Also present:  Robert P. Grimesey, Superintendent/Clerk and Terrie Wright, Deputy Clerk.

Chairman Whitehead presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  The call to order was followed by a moment of silence and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance led by members of Girl Scout Troop 2001.  The Scouts then recited the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.                                                          

Mr. Whitehead announced an addition to the agenda:  Item 07-163 – presentation by Alleghany High School students concerning issues at AHS.

            MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the November 20, 2006, regular meeting.
                          MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                          SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                          VOTE:    Unanimous

(07-138) APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF November 27, 2006 Called Meeting and Work Session
            MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the
November 27, 2006, called meeting & work session.
                           MOTION:  Mr. Botkins
                           SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
                           VOTE:    Unanimous

(07-139) APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF December 4, 2006 Work Session
             MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the December 4, 2006, work session
                           MOTION:  Mr. Botkins
                           SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                           VOTE:    Unanimous


(07-140) Opening remarks and welcome by J.R. Simpson, Principal of Sharon Elementary School.

Mr. Simpson welcomed everyone to Sharon and he said the large turnout reminded him of the attendance at the school’s annual Christmas Program.  Mr. Simpson said the Sharon staff and community appreciate everything the school board does and he wanted to publicly thank his staff for doing a wonderful job.  He stated that Sharon’s many perfect 600 SOL scores was an indication of the staff’s dedication to their students. Mr. Simpson thanked Ms. Tricia Defibaugh and Ms. Armilda Hayes for their presentation before the meeting.  He concluded by saying that our school division is faced with a lot of challenges in the future but he knows something needs to be done at Alleghany High School.

(07-141) Remarks by Jeannie Thompson, Co-President of the Sharon Elementary School PTO.

Ms. Thompson welcomed everyone to Sharon and she said that the PTO helped the teachers by buying items that they need for their classroom.  She noted several of the PTO’s fundraising projects and she said the PTO appreciated all the teachers’ hard work.  Ms. Thompson continued by saying that students are important and the PTO wanted to see them succeed.  She said we needed a high school that parents can afford, and she asked the Board to exhaust efforts to raise the money and try not to raise taxes.  Ms. Thompson said that families could not afford what other counties can afford.  She remembered the flood of 1985 and helped in the clean up efforts.  It does not take a new building to make a success, she concluded.  It takes the parents, teachers and community.  She invited everyone to attend the Sharon December 18th PTO Christmas Program.

(07-142) School Board Commendations:

Mr. Tucker and Mr. Simpson, with the help of Sherry Craft, presented commendations to third graders Dylan Wells, Andrew Clyburn, Trevor Hager, Blake Kimberlin, Devin Nicely, Cameron Persinger, Ethan Persinger, Olivia Persinger, Brittany Snead, Jacklyn Walton, Gaige Kern and Richard Snyder; fourth graders Daniel Persinger and Clair Seckner; fifth graders Emily Loving, Ethan Nicely, Aaron Ratliff, Hannah Boothe, Kassie Hall, Jaimee Kimberlin, Morgan Pinochet, Alex Reed, Patrick Seckner, Daniel Sorrels, Seanne Stull, Emily Timbrook, Christian Vess and Maegan Walton. These students were recognized for earning a 600 score on one or more of their SOL tests.  Commendations were also presented to Mae Hall for exemplary work and for investing in the lives of the students and staff at Sharon Elementary School.  Also, certificates were presented to Jeannie Thompson and Lisa Smith for exemplary volunteer work, and for investing in the lives of the students and staff at Sharon Elementary School.

(07-163) Remarks by Alleghany High School students on issues at AHS

Bonnie Murray, President of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), addressed the Board and community and asked them to include the students and their concerns in the decision making process.  She then stepped aside and allowed student representatives from the AHS PTSA to speak.
Katie Dew, a varsity cheerleader, said that an auxiliary gym is needed, as it was hard for the cheerleaders to practice on the stage and it was not safe.
Katie Murray, also a cheerleader said that it was hard to work around gymnasium schedules.  The school cannot host competitions as the gym is not big enough.
Courtney Paxton, a 10th grader, said there were many health issues at the high school.  One out of four students has asthma or allergies and the mold spore counts in the building can be high enough to cause problems for those students.  Roaches can be found in the building.  There are asbestos tile floors still in the building.  She said that a person needs to be in the building seven hours a day for four years to see what a student has had to endure. 
Kayla Hayslett, a 10th grader, spoke on the conditions of the bathroom facilities. She said physically handicapped students had difficulty.  There are no doors on the stalls.  Soap and paper towel dispensers are inadequate.  There are cracks in the floors.  She also indicated that the noise level from one room to another is distracting.  The desks are old and too small for some.   She referenced the old adage “pay me now or pay me later.” She also expressed concern that the cost of a new high school could be almost a quarter of a billion dollars in the future. 
Catherine Kimmel, a 10th grader, talked about safety.  She said there are no security cameras in the building. The electricity is out of date and it would be impossible to air condition the building, as there are cracks in the walls and around the windows. The hand rails on the stairs are loose.   She said that the problems would only get worse over the years if something is not done.
Allison Browning attended Heritage High School before entering Alleghany.  She said she knew what it was like to attend a 21st century school.  She said the technology needs to be updated.  She also said that an intercom system would help keep the teachers and administrators in touch.  She added that smart boards need to be installed in place of using blackboards, which cause a lot of dust.
Cassandra Caubel said that the high school’s plumbing is inadequate.  There is a lack of hot water as the boiler is out-of-date, and the drainage on the parking lot needs to be corrected.
Carman Arambula said the technology in the building needs to be brought up to 21st century standards. Pentium four processors are needed.  The SASI attendance program causes interruption in the system, making it unavailable.  Forty-three years have passed since the school was built.  The lockers are too small, and the halls are too narrow.  She would like to see a 21st century state-of- art community school, a telephone in every classroom, and faculty and student storage for supplies.  Ms. Arambula hopes that a few of the suggestions will be given consideration.
“Who better than the students to talk about the conditions of the school?”  Mrs. Murray concluded.  “The students are proud of their school and have a lot of school spirit, but changes need to be made now as we move forward.

(07-143) Remarks by Bob Umstead, parent and President of Alleghany Education Association

Mr. Umstead said he spoke as a parent, AEA President, WRE President, coach and scout master.  He said that three of his children have graduated from AHS, that he still has one in the 10th grade, and twins in the 8th grade.  He said there isn’t any where to run indoor track or a place to practice.  Mr. Umstead said that we are blessed with our faculty, parents, and students.  He said that he could see in the faces of our students the envy they feel when they walk into a new school facility.  His position is that we should build a new high school and stop talking and do something about it.  He said we should not put a “band aid on an amputee.”   Mr. Umstead said that he would come to every school board meeting to promote his position if necessary.  He said he has no problem with taxes being raised and he is tired of “lip service.”  He concluded, “Our children are our most important commodity and we need to do what is best for them.”

 (07-144) School Board Member Questions and Reports

Mr. H. Fridley thanked Mr. Simpson for hosting the meeting and thanked everyone for being in attendance.  He said that he had heard two good presentations in the library before the meeting and got a glimpse of what kind of training the students are receiving. Mr. Fridley thanked the high school students and Mr. Umstead for their remarks.  “We heard what you are saying and we will do the best that we can,” he said.

Mr. Halsey thanked Mr. Simpson for his hospitality.  He congratulated the students, parents and faculty for the many students who achieved perfect scores on their SOL tests.  He thanked the high school students for bringing forth their issues of the high school.  He said that he has been receiving lots of phone calls, e-mails and people knocking on his door about the high school issue.  He told the crowd that if they had not taken the opportunity to tour the high school, then they needed to do so.   He said he was listening and taking everything into consideration.

Mr. R. Fridley said it was always a pleasure to come to Sharon Elementary.  “All of our schools do a tremendous job,” he said.  He thanked all the teachers for all they do and the parents for their support. Mr. Fridley thanked all who spoke.  He said that the school board and board of supervisors are working together and they have a lot of work to do, but it is going to take the whole community to achieve the end result.  He said that we have a lot of challenges ahead of us.  He said that there is a group of people going to look at a new high school in Fredericksburg on December 20th.  Mr. Fridley said the superintendent was doing a tremendous job working with numerous people and groups.  He said that he also has received e-mails from several staff members at the high school.  “We are working on the concerns, but we all have to be patient,” he concluded.

Mr. Tucker said, “we have the brightest kids in the state and we need to provide for them.”  He acknowledged Mr. Cletus Nicely, Supervisor of the Sharon District, for being in attendance and for being helpful in working through the process of trying to determine a best course of action related to the high school.  Mr. Tucker thanked Mr. Simpson and all who were in attendance.

Mr. Botkins said that he arrived later than usual for tonight’s meeting and that the parking lot was overflowing. He said that the community involvement was at an all time high.  He also was receiving e-mail and calls from a lot of parents and teachers.  He said that the community needs to let the supervisors know they are behind them.  He concluded by saying, “There is no greater gift than education and there is no greater obligation than education.”

Mr. Anderson congratulated the twenty-six students who had achieved 600 on one or more of their SOL tests.  He suggested that the school division start a “600 club” for all of our students. Mr. Anderson said that he hoped the students would all be able to graduate from a new high school in the future.  He thanked Mr. Simpson for hosting the meeting.

Mr. Whitehead thanked Mr. Simpson and he congratulated the Sharon students for their achievement.  He also thanked the high school students for their presentation and said that “we are truly blessed to have wonderful teachers and employees.”  Mr. Whitehead said that Mr. Umstead made a good presentation.  He noted that the talks with the Covington school board are ongoing, but the important driving factor is a new high school. He said that Dr. Grimesey is searching every avenue to be able to build a new school.  He then wished everyone a wonderful holiday.


             MOTION:  That the Board approve the payment of the bills as presented.
                            MOTION: Mr. Botkins
                            SECOND: Mr. Anderson
                            VOTE: Unanimous

             Dr. Grimesey reported the following fund balances:


School Operating Fund



School Textbook Fund



Alleghany Foundation Nursing Grant



Governor’s School









Alleghany Foundation School Efficiency Study Grant



Alleghany Foundation Falling Spring Walking Track



Alleghany Foundation Teacher Recruitment Grant


Grand Total


(07-147) Cafeteria Report

Keven Rice, Director of Administrative Services, reported that the cafeteria fund net cash balance at the end of November was $125,133.97. This balance represents an improvement of $16,908.00 over the prior month due primarily to the deposit of the Federal subsidy from September.

Public Hearing: Proposed 2007-08 Alleghany County Public Schools Operating Budget

Lee Ann Bowling-Angle, teacher at Alleghany High School, but was speaking as a parent.  She asked the Board to give our community and teachers a new sense of pride. She said children need technology capabilities to be prepared for the future, as some of the students are behind.  We owe it to our children.  She challenged the Board to be the leaders that drive the talk to make the necessary changes.

Kelly Huff, also a teacher at AHS, said that during the talks with Covington and Alleghany County, Jr. High has been mention. These talks prompted her to jump on the internet and do so some research. She found that since 1970, the number of middle schools has increased and that Jr. High has decreased by 52%.  Her hope is that research is done before this is even considered.   She stated that the 6-8 middle school model met the developmental needs for children to be successful learners.

Rev. Jim Slate spoke on behalf of the high school band boosters.   He said that he would probably sound like a broken record, but some of the concerns can be dealt with right now. He thanked the teachers and administrators for the fine job that are doing. There is a high level of school spirit and many parents are involved.  The boosters’ concerns are that the numbers of band students have grown over the years. He stated a quarter of the student body is involved in the band and the present band facilities are very inadequate.  The cafeteria is not a sufficient place to practice.  Setting up the instruments and tearing them down takes away from instructional time.  A secure place to store the instruments is needed.  The color guard has to practice in the halls, the lighting and circulation system is inadequate. The band is a very good program and has plenty volunteer support; therefore, he hopes plans will be made to remedy some of the issues.

Gayle Kitchen, PTA president of the Clifton Middle School, mentioned some concerns. (1) A barrier is needed between I-64 and the school road.  A petition has been sent to VDOT, and a representative from VDOT will be asked to meet with the PTA/PTO Council after the first of the year. (2) CMS traffic circle has been an ongoing concern of parents since the school opened. Education of the parents and presence of a security officer has helped, but the design of the traffic pattern needs to be reviewed. (3) The band room is too small.  Every year the number of students in the 6th grade increases.  A survey was sent home with all the students and 80 individuals returned them. Some of the results of the survey were to limit renovations; 80% said to spend $500,000 for security and safety issues that need to be made immediately and 69% said to replace with a new high school in a new location. Ms. Kitchen thanked the school board for all their support. She said the middle school and Mt. View Elementary are great schools and filled to capacity.  She stated “we can’t afford not to build a new high school.”

Spencer Wilhelm, a 7th grader and 1st vice-president of the CMS SCA, thanked the Board for letting him speak.  He said that the SCA had invited Mr. Fred Vaughan, Director of Student Services, to speak with them about the AHS issue.  He said Mr. Vaughan showed them some pictures of the 1985 flood. The students then took a tour of the high school.  He said that the high school has cracked walls, bathroom stalls without doors, and what appeared to be leakage from sewer pipes running down walls.  When the SCA representatives asked what they could do about the problems, their SCA advisors encouraged them to write a paragraph on what they thought. Thirteen of 22 said the school board should build a new school; five said to only do repairs; and four felt that we only need to renovate.  Spencer concluded by saying that he knows these are difficult issues but he wanted to share his views.  He hoped the school board would build a new high school.

Brenda Wallace, a teacher and treasurer of the Alleghany Education Association (AEA). Ms. Wallace spoke on behalf of the Boiling Spring Elementary School PTA.  She said the Boiling Spring PTA had some thoughts on how the budget should be spent.  They know that the AHS facility is flood prone, has an outdated heating and lighting system, is a deteriorating structure, contains unacceptable mold spore ratings, and has limited space for student population growth.  They ask that the Board not approve the plan that would spend over $11.4 million dollars over the next 16 years, to improve the existing AHS.  Approval would mean that the current kindergarten students would graduate from high school in 2019 and the improvements would still not be completed.  Instead they would like the plan to be amended to make improvements that are most urgent. Then the Board should determine how we can proceed with construction of a new high school. Ms. Wallace said that we cannot continue to simply think about this issue.  We must come together as a community and make our high school a 21st century high school that will graduate students who will soon be our leaders in this community. She said that they were grateful that Boiling Spring is included in the six-year improvement plan and they appreciate efforts by the school board to keep their school open, regardless of recent suggestions by some Covington City officials.  “Our children should not receive a 2nd class education in order to help another division build a new elementary school,” Mrs. Wallace said.  “The children are our future, and we want them to be the best they can be.”

Joleen Feazell, a teacher and Mt. View PTO President.  Ms. Feazell offered the following suggestions. Mt. View Elementary needs a cover over the walkway to the buses circle, and an additional custodian.  They also want the school board to raise employee salaries and contributions to help with health insurance.  She said that the Mt. View PTO supports building a new high school.  She said “hats off to you at Alleghany High School.”

Melanie Dawson said the Alleghany County Council of PTOs & PTAs supports the efforts to build a new high school instead of “putting a band aid on it.” The mold is a problem and the heating is unpredictable as it soared to 90 degrees during the SOL tests. Also, she reported that the Callaghan PTO conducted a parent survey of budget needs.  The majority of respondents said they wanted to build a new high school, to upgrade technology, and to have full-time nurse in all schools.

Margaret Sizemore, President of the Falling Spring PTO, said that the Falling Spring Parent Advisory Committee and PTO toured the high school on November 7 and concluded that a new high school was needed, not a renovation. She said to contact her or Debbie Farmer, Principal Falling Spring Elementary, if they can help in any way.


(07-148) Facility Improvement Plan for Alleghany High School                             ATTACHMENT I

Dr. Grimesey reviewed the recommendation he presented to the School Board during its November 20 meeting at Clifton Middle School.  He acknowledged concerns about his recommendation that had been raised by members of both the School Board and the Board of Supervisors during their joint work session on November 27.  He also acknowledged many concerns that have been expressed since November 20 by students, teachers, parents and other citizens about the recommendation.  Still, he said he stood by the recommendation since the high school was in serious need for some broad, long-term commitment to substantial repairs.  He reviewed the basic elements of his recommendation noting that it included about two dozen projects that would cost about $11.4 million over the next 16 years.  Dr. Grimesey then explained that he had been requested by several School Board members to draft a resolution that would amend his recommendation.  He explained that the draft resolution was based on individual input he received from all seven School Board members.   He then differed to Chairman Whitehead who asked Mr. Tucker to read the draft resolution.

                MOTION: That the Board approve the resolution to amend the facility improvement plan for Alleghany High School
                               MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                               SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
                               VOTE:   Unanimous

(07-149) Statement of Legislative Priorities: 2007                                            ATTACHMENT II

Dr. Grimesey presented the revised 2007 legislative priorities.  He noted that the original draft had been presented to the School Board during its meeting on November 20 and that Board members had reviewed their priorities during the Virginia School Boards Association Conference on November 15-17, and during the annual joint legislative dinner meeting with the Covington City School Board, State Delegate Jim Shuler, and State Senator Creigh Deeds on December 4.  He noted that the only change to the original draft related to the insertion of a stronger statement related to the coming re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2002, otherwise known as “No Child Left Behind.”  The statement advocates the elimination of all regulations that were approved by Congress in 2002.  It also provides guidance for alternative legislative action if Congress does not eliminate the 2002 regulations.

                   MOTION:  That the Board approve the Statement of Legislative Priorities: 2007.
                                   MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                                   SECOND:  Mr. Halsey
                                   VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-150) Affiliation with National School Boards Association

Dr. Grimesey recommended Board approval of affiliation with the National School Boards Association.  He said affiliation with the national association was not automatically included with the Board’s annual membership with the state association.  He added that the most important benefit of national affiliation is its provision of legislative representation in Congress.  This representation, he said, will be critical with all federal legislation and especially with the anticipated re-authorization of “No Child Left Behind” in 2007 or 2008.  The cost of annual membership with the national association will be $2,585 in the first year and $3,450 thereafter.
MOTION:  That the Board approve the Affiliation with National School Boards Association.
                             MOTION:  Mr. Anderson
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-151) First draft of proposed 2007-08 school calendar

Mrs. Sarah Campbell, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, presented a first draft of the proposed 2007-2008 academic calendar for review. She noted two adjustments to previous editions of the calendar. The first involved the inclusion of four early release days for the purpose of in-school data disaggreation. She explained that in order to add these early release days, the instructional day would be extended by five minutes in all schools. This extension would protect the integrity of instructional time at all grade levels. The second change was to set 1:00 – 7:00 p.m. as standard hours for elementary open house activities and for all parent-teacher conferences. She invited Board members to call her if there were questions about the calendar.

(07-152) Textbook adoption committee appointments

Ms. Campbell presented two Textbook Adoption Committees: (a.) vocational education - Jackie Cheatham, Bruce Johnson, Valerie Foutz; and math - Lisa Bibb, Mary Putman, and Mary Jane Mutispaugh.
             MOTION:  That the Board approve the Textbook Adoption Committees.
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Botkins
                             VOTE:  Unanimous

 (07-153) Federal monitoring review of food services program

Mr. Rice presented the preliminary findings of the five-year federal program monitoring review concerning the cafeteria operation. Mr. Rice noted that the school division was cited for one minor problem which was for not having memorandums of understanding from each school regarding the confidentiality of student information for those students receiving free or reduced meals. This problem was promptly corrected. The officials conducting the review were very complimentary of the cafeteria operation

(07-154) Capital improvement update

Mr. Rice provided an overview of the following capital projects:

- The School Division files were relocated from Rosedale to the Central Administration complex on December 6, 2006. A former classroom in the gym annex was set aside for this purpose and is large enough to accommodate all of our files in one location;

- A new commercial-grade washer and dryer were installed at Alleghany High School on December 11, 2006, at a cost of $10,740. These units are utilized to launder athletic uniforms and supplies. They replace units that were over 21 years old; and

- The repair of the Callaghan breezeway at Callaghan is scheduled to begin on December 13, 2006, weather permitting. The cost of this repair is $18,570.

Field Trip Requests

(07-155) 12 AHS drama students to Longwood University – VA Thespian Conference – Feb. 16-19, 2007
             MOTION:  That the Board approve 12 AHS students to
Longwood University – VA Thespian Conference – February
                             16-19, 2007
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:  Unanimous 

            (07-156) 15 AHS Marine Biology students to the Blue Crab Bowl in Gloucester Point, VA February 23-24, 2007
             MOTION:  That the Board approve 15 AHS students to the Blue Crab Bowl in Gloucester Point, VA – February 23-
                             24, 2007
                MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-157) 15 AHS Marine Biology Students to National Aquarium,
Baltimore, MD – March 2007
             MOTION:  That the Board approve 15 AHS students to the National Aquarium,
Baltimore, MD – March 2007
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-158) 38 AHS Foreign Language Students to Puerto Rico, summer, 2007

In response to a request from Chairman Whitehead, Dr. Grimesey said that he would provide a progress report to the School Board on plans for the Puerto Rico trip by April 1, 2007.
              MOTION:  That the Board approve 38 AHS foreign language students to
Puerto Rico, summer, 2007.
                              MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                              SECOND:  Mr. H. Fridley
                              VOTE:  Unanimous 

            (07-159)Policy Revisions                                     ATTACHMENT III

Six policy revisions based on VSBA recommendation and General Assembly Actions.
MOTION:  That the Board approve the six policy revisions based on VSBA recommendations and General Assembly
               MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
               SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
               VOTE:  Unanimous

            (07-160)   Communications:  The School Board received summary notes from the following meeting:
               Teacher Advisory Committee to the Superintendent


(07-161) CODE OF VIRGINIA: PERSONNEL 2.2-3711.A.1; PUPIL PERSONNEL 2.2-3711.A.2, REAL PROPERTY 2.2-2711.A.3 and PUBLIC SAFETY 2.2-3711.A.12.

MOTION:  That the School Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel, Pupil Personnel, Real Property and Public Safety as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1, 2.2-3711.A.2, 2.2-3711.A.3 and 2.2-3711.A.12
MOTION:   Mr. H. Fridley
SECOND:   Mr. R. Fridley
VOTE:   Unanimous
TIME:   8:05 p.m.

         MOTION:  That the School Board return to open session from closed session.
                         MOTION:   Mr. Tucker
                         SECOND:   Mr. Halsey
                         VOTE:   Unanimous
                         TIME: 8:45 p.m.


The Chairman requests a motion to certify that to the best of each member’s knowledge:

  1. Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and
  1. Only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the School Board.

             MOTION:   Mr. H. Fridley
             SECOND:   Mr. R. Fridley
             ROLL CALL VOTE:     Mr. Anderson –   Yes         Mr. Halsey - Yes
                                              Mr. Botkins – Yes              Mr.Tucker - Yes
                                              Mr. H. Fridley –    Yes        Mr. Whitehead – Yes
                                              Mr. R. Fridley –    Yes                                                                                                                                        




(07-162) PERSONNEL                                                    ATTACHMENT IV

             MOTION: That the Board approve the personnel recommendations as presented by the Superintendent.
                           MOTION:  Mr. R Fridley
                           SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                           VOTE:   Unanimous


             MOTION:  That the December 11, 2006 meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:   Unanimous
                            TIME:     8:47 p.m.