April 23, 2007 

The Alleghany County School Board held its regular meeting on April 23, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. at Alleghany High School.

PRESENT: R. Joe Anderson; R. Wayne Botkins; Robert A. Fridley; David W. Halsey; Randall S. Tucker, Vice Chairman; and Michael L. Whitehead, Chairman. Also present:  Robert P. Grimesey, Superintendent/Clerk and Terrie Wright, Deputy Clerk.

ABSENT: H. Hunter Fridley

Chairman Whitehead presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  The call to order was followed by a moment of silence and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance led by students in the Alleghany High School leadership class. Mr. Whitehead asked those in attendance to remember the families of the victims of the April 16 tragedy at Virginia Tech. He also thanked all employees of the Alleghany County School Division for putting the children before themselves and for the comfort they give to the students who are having a hard time.  He said thanks for a job well done each and every day. 

(07-266) Approval of Minutes of April 2, 2007, Regular Meeting
             MOTION: That the Board approve the minutes of the April 2, 2007, regular meeting.
                            MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                            SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                            VOTE:  Unanimous


(07-267) Opening remarks by Kenny Higgins, Principal, Alleghany High School

Mr. Higgins welcomed everyone to AHS.  He mentioned the band had competed in a competition in Atlanta, GA over the weekend and had won several awards.  He then introduced Allen Perry and Shaila Lockhart who introduced themselves as officers and members of the SCA and Leadership Class.  They represent the students of Alleghany High School and welcomed everyone in attendance.

 (07-268) Remarks by Bonnie Murray, President, Alleghany High School PTSA

Mrs. Murray said the AHS PTSA’s greatest accomplishment has been to build a strong working relationship with the School Board and also with the Board of Supervisors through increased communication and positive parent involvement. Mrs. Murray said these efforts have helped to raise awareness of the facility needs at AHS. She said that her praise goes to the Board for not only seeking public input, but also spending time gathering information and advice from professionals, reviewing a variety of proposals, and participating in many other activities to help make the best decisions for everyone involved. Mrs. Murray then thanked the Board for keeping the needs and best interests of the students first and foremost on their agenda.

(07-269) Remarks by Bob Putman, President, Alleghany High School Band Boosters

Mr. Putman reflected on the March School Board meeting and said members of the band boosters observed students excelling in academic and extra-curricular activities.  Over 100 students achieved 600 on their SOL tests, two basketball teams were undefeated for the previous season, and students were doing an excellent job in preparing for an upcoming musical performance. He said this left the boosters wondering if there was a correlation between having excellent facilities and achieving excellent results.  Mr. Putman said that their conclusion is that there is a direct relationship.  He said during the subsequent Board of Supervisors’ meeting, several speakers made excellent points.  Although trying to be open minded, AHS band supporters left the meeting with the impression that a renovation of Covington High School would not be in the best interest of the students of Alleghany County. Mr. Putman went on to give five reasons why the band boosters thought this wouldn’t work: (1) inadequate classroom facilities which do not equal the present Covington facilities plus the present Alleghany facilities, (2) extra-curricular facilities located all over the city, many of which are several miles from the main campus, (3) inadequate close-in parking that poses an additional danger to students, teachers, and the community, (4) a landlocked environment that would lead to extreme difficulty for future expansion, and (5) the age of the present building.  He said the band boosters favor the construction of a new high school facility for county students that has most, if not all, of the necessary elements for a modern high school, located on a single campus, with straightforward future expansion possibilities.

(07-270) Remarks by David “Boo” Crizer, President, Mountaineer Athletic Club

Mr. Crizer said he was speaking on behalf of AHS athletics.  He said that the football field and the gym are in the same condition as they were twenty years ago when he was a student.  He said we are falling short in providing for our students.  Mr. Crizer said there was not enough locker room space and that some athletes needed to dress in classrooms during this past winter’s regional basketball tournament games at AHS. There is not enough practice areas for the various sports, therefore, practices have to take place off campus.  He said that our students have won the Blue Ridge District Sportsmanship Award a number of times, but we give them a facility of which they cannot be proud.

(07-271) Remarks by Melanie Dawson, Co-Chairman, Alleghany County Council of PTAs and PTOs

Mrs. Dawson provided an update on the Jamestown Celebration that will be held on June 1.  It will be held at Mountain View Elementary and Clifton Middle School.   She said each school will have its own area to set up projects pertaining to Jamestown or the history of Alleghany County.  A poster contest is being held for each school, and each grade level (JK-8) will be able to participate.  The elementary schools will designate one winner to represent their school and the middle school will designate three winners, one for each grade level 6-8.  The winning picture will be used on a poster to advertise the Jamestown Celebration in their area.  The winner from each school will receive a Jamestown T-shirt which is being donated by the Alleghany Highlands Planning Committee.     She said the County Council has been working very hard on this project and believes this is a great way to bring the community together in support of our students, regardless of our opinions concerning the high school.  Ms. Dawson said she would like to give her support to building a new high school.  She said that she had confidence that no matter what the final decision is, it will be one that has been thought out and viewed from every angle.

(07-272) Recognition of 2007 Virginia School Boards’ Association Art Contest Finalists:

Mr. Halsey and the art teachers presented commendations to the following students as local school winners in the Virginia School Board Association’s Art Contest Program: Amy Southern – Boiling Spring Elementary School; Adam Livesay – Falling Spring Elementary School; Breanna McKinnell – Mountain View Elementary School and Tyler Fink – Sharon Elementary School.

(07-273) Recognition of 2007 Virginia School Boards’ Association Art Contest Winners:

Mr. Halsey and the art teachers presented commendations to the following students as Virginia School Boards Association Art contest Regional Qualifiers: Sidney Schweikhard – Callaghan Elementary School; Jennifer Tobin – Clifton Middle School, and Elizabeth Campbell – Alleghany High School.


Mr. Anderson and Valerie Foutz, Assistant Principal, Alleghany High School, presented commendations to the following students for earning a 600 score on one or more of their SOL tests: Jeremiah Bradshaw, Aleshia Carroll, Nathan Cole, Loren Conner, Natasha Grady, Joshua Lee, Julia Lee, Emily C. Lewis, Kasey McAllister, Matthew McLain, Elizabeth Parker, Emily Ratliff, Andrew Rybitski, Aaron Slate, Daniel Taylor, Cullen Truett, Shelby Vasko, Savannah Yacoub and Bob Williamson.

Mr. Anderson and John Hutchison, Assistant Principal, Alleghany High School,  presented commendations to the following students for being undefeated in first regular session of VHSL Academic Competition:  John Rollinson, Nic Mooney, Chris Shephard, Larami Van Ness, Nathan Anderson, Katie Dotson, Brandon Wallace, Christina Hall, Matt Howard and Brian Jefferson.  A commendation was also given to Laura Kay Rogers for manager and to the following coaches:  Charles Hopkins, head; LeeAnne Bowling-Angle, Allison R. Hicklin and Karen L. Hopkins.

Commendations also were presented to the following:  John Rollinson: 2006-07 National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist; Jamey Lee Smith: 2007 Farm Bureau Insurance/VHSL Group AA, Region III Male Student-Athlete of the year; Matthew Crizer, Boys’ Basketball:  All Blue Ridge District First Team, All Region III Second Team; Sammi Jo Salyers, Girls’ Basketball: All Blue Ridge District First Team, All Region III First Team, and scored 1,147 career points; Seth Wright, Winter Track: First at Blue Ridge District Meet, Third at Region III Meet, and Seventh at AA State Meet; Ben Umstead, Winter Track: first in 600-meter run at Blue Ridge District Meet; Amanda Huffman, Forensics, Serious Dramatic Interpretation: Third at Blue Ridge District competition, second at Region III competition, and Eighth in AA  State competition and Emilee Loope, Clifton Middle School: Service as Legislative Page at 2007 Virginia General Assembly.

(07-275) Falling Spring Elementary Featured in 2007 Virginia School Boards Association Showcase for Success

Dr. Grimesey informed the Board that Falling Spring Elementary School was featured in the Virginia School Boards Association’s 2007 Showcase for Success. He said that under the direction of Patricia Howard and Susan Byer, the second and third grade students were involved in design challenges from a project entitled, “Engineering Diversity Across the Atlantic.”   The program is designed to enhance problem solving and critical thinking among students.


Mr. Fridley thanked Mr. Higgins for his hospitality and said it was always a pleasure to come to Alleghany High School.  He said a lot of awards were presented tonight and that we are blessed with the teachers and students that we have.  He said Board members received a presentation from the AHS leadership class prior to the meeting.  Mr. Fridley said that the Board was very enthusiastic about having the class at AHS.  He said there were 40 students in the class and there had been 36 leadership projects. The class has been helpful to the teachers, administration and the community.  Mr. Fridley said that he was very impressed with the art work and was very proud of the students for achieving 600 on their SOL tests.  He finished by saying that we have an outstanding school system and employees.

Mr. Halsey echoed what Mr. Fridley said. He thanked Mr. Higgins for hosting the meeting and told him he would have to get a larger trophy case since we keep adding to it.  He thanked Mrs. Murray for working well with the Board this year as the PTSA president, and he congratulated the parents for their students’ achievements.

Mr. Botkins expressed his appreciation to everyone. He commended the Falling Spring teachers for being featured in the 2007 Show Case for Success and he congratulated Dr. Grimesey for being chosen to represent the Superintendent’s Region VI Study Group for Virginia Superintendent of the Year.

Mr. Anderson said he was pleased to be present and he thanked everyone for coming.  He said we have many outstanding students and he was impressed with the art work.

Dr Grimesey said that being selected to represent Region VI was an honor, but he had to share the credit for the many successes of his school division. Dr. Grimesey said it was nice to get affirmation from the other superintendents, but he said he would never have been nominated for the award if it had not been for the hard work and success of our students, teachers, staff, parents and community.


MOTION: That the Board approve the payment of the bills as presented.
               MOTION: Mr. Botkins
               SECOND: Mr. Tucker
               VOTE:  Unanimous


Dr. Grimesey reported the following fund balances:


School Operating Fund



School Textbook Fund



Alleghany Foundation Nursing Grant



Governor’s School









Alleghany Foundation School Efficiency Study Grant



Alleghany Foundation Falling Spring Walking Track



Alleghany Foundation Teacher Recruitment Grant


Grand Total


(07-279) Final March 31, 2007 Average Daily Membership

Ingrid Barber, Director of Budget and Finance, presented the membership, average daily membership (ADM), and division percentage of attendance as of March 31, 2007.  She stated that membership was 2925, ADM was 2921, and the division percentage of attendance was 95.59%. She said this justified our budgeted totals for 2006-07 and for next year.

(07-280)Cafeteria Report

Keven Rice, Director of Administrative Services, reported that the cafeteria fund net cash balance at the end of March was $140,576.28. This balance represents an improvement of $72,987.30 over prior year due to managerial focus and improved participation rates.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS                                 

(07-281) Resolution in Support of H.R. 648 to Restructure Federal “No Child Left Behind” law    ATTACHMENT I         
Dr. Grimesey said H.R. 648 accomplishes many of the School Board’s legislative priorities associated with the re-authorization of “No Child Left Behind.”  He added that the Board’s approval of the resolution does not restrict it from supporting other future legislation that is even more closely aligned with its priorities.  Mr. Whitehead said he would support the resolution but he added that he still would like to see “No Child Left Behind” abandoned.

               MOTION: That the Board approve Resolution in Support of H.R. 648 to Restructure Federal “No Child Left                                   Behind” law
                              MOTION: Mr. R. Fridley
                              SECOND: Mr. Botkins
                              ROLL CALL VOTE:       Mr. Anderson – Yes       Mr. Halsey - Yes
                                                                 Mr. Botkins – Yes          Mr.Tucker - Yes
                                                                 Mr. H. Fridley – Absent  Mr. Whitehead – Yes
                                                                 Mr. R. Fridley –Yes                               

(07-282) Perkins Grant Application

Dr. Sarah Campbell, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, requested approval for the submission of the 2007-08 Perkins Grant application.   She explained that Perkins funds are used to support Career and Technical Education programs at Alleghany High School and Clifton Middle School.  Dr. Campbell concluded by explaining that final division allocations have not been released due to the recent reauthorization of the program.  However, she noted that Virginia Department of Education had indicated that 2007-08 allocations should be relatively equal to the 2006-07 allocation of $45,978.76.

              MOTION: That the Board approve the Perkins Grant Application
                             MOTION: Mr. Anderson
                             SECOND: Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-283) Staffing Plan for K-8 Summer School Program

Dr. Campbell requested approval for the 2007 Summer School Staffing Plan.  She explained that the plan reflected anticipated positions and that final staffing would be based on student enrollment.

               MOTION: That the Board approve the Staffing Plan for K-8 Summer School Program
                              MOTION: Mr. Botkins
                              SECOND: Mr. R. Fridley
                              VOTE:  Unanimous 

(07-284) Purchase of Two Mobile Laptop Computer Sets for Clifton Middle School

Dr. Campbell requested approval for the purchase of two mobile wireless laptop units for Clifton Middle School totaling $61,239.36, based on the price offered on the state contract.  She explained each unit would contain up to 30 individual laptop computers that would be used to enhance classroom instruction and to provide additional computers for use during SOL testing.

              MOTION: That the Board approve the purchase of two mobile laptop computer sets for Clifton Middle School
                             MOTION: Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND: Mr. Halsey
                              VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-285) Provider of School Division Banking Services for 2007-2010

Mrs. Barber said six banks responded to the division’s request for proposal for banking services.  She recommended First Citizens Bank be awarded the banking services contract for 2007-2010.  She reported the decision to choose First Citizens Bank was based on competitive pricing, fee charges, and processing services.

                MOTION: That the Board approve the recommendation of First Citizens Bank as our banking services for
                               the next three years.
                               MOTION: Mr. Tucker
                               SECOND: Mr. Botkins
                               VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-286) Additions and Revisions to Selected Job Descriptions

Rob Carpenter, Director of Human Resources, presented job descriptions for athletic trainer, site cafeteria manager, cafeteria worker, and cafeteria monitor.  He recommended that they be added to the  Alleghany County Public School’s job description manual.

              MOTION: That the Board approve the job descriptions for Athletic Trainer, Site Cafeteria Manager, Cafeteria                              Worker and Cafeteria Monitor.
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND: Mr. Botkins
                             VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-287) Capital Improvement Update

Mr. Rice reviewed the status of three projects at Alleghany High School that were previously deemed necessary by the School Board regardless of the future status of the building.

- The repair and upgrade to the intercom system at Alleghany High School is complete in the main building with the exception of a few minor adjustments related to communications to the field house.

- Quotes to repair and improve the phone system are due this week.

- A recommendation regarding installation of a security surveillance system will be presented at the May 23 School Board meeting.

Field Trip Requests

(07-288) 15 AHS Drama Students to International Thespian Festival, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb., June 25 – July 1
               MOTION:  That the Board approve 15 AHS Drama Students to International Thespian Festival,
University of
                               Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb., June 25-July 1, 2007
                               MOTION:  Mr. Botkins
                               SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                               VOTE:  Unanimous

(07-289) Policy Revisions                       ATTACHMENT II
Mr. Carpenter and Dr. Grimesey presented 13 policy revisions and/or additions as recommended by VSBA and Administrative Staff.
             MOTION:  That the Board approve the policy revisions and/or additions as recommended by VSBA and the
                             Administrative Staff.
                             MOTION:  Mr. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Anderson
                             VOTE:  Unanimous


MOTION:  That the School Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel, Pupil Personnel, and Real Property as
                            authorized by the Code of
Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1, 2.2-3711.A.2, and 2.2-3711.A.3
                             MOTION:   Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:   Mr. Halsey
                             VOTE:  Unanimous
                             TIME:  7:25 p.m. 

             MOTION:  That the School Board return to open session from closed session.
                             MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Halsey
                              VOTE:   Unanimous
8:24 p.m.



The Chairman requests a motion to certify that to the best of each member’s knowledge:

  1. Only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and
  1. Only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the School Board.

                            MOTION:   Mr. R. Fridley
                            SECOND:   Mr. Botkins
                            ROLL CALL VOTE:        Mr. Anderson –Yes        Mr. Halsey - Yes
                                                                Mr. Botkins – Yes          Mr.Tucker -Yes            
                                                                Mr. H. Fridley – Absent   Mr. Whitehead – Yes
                                                                Mr. R. Fridley – Yes                                                                     

____________________________________                                        _______________________________

Chairman, Alleghany County School Board                                                                   Clerk


(07-291) PERSONNEL                                                                                                              
MOTION: That the Board approve the personnel recommendations as presented by the Superintendent.
                            MOTION:  Mr. Tucker
                            SECOND:  Mr. R. Fridley
                            VOTE:   Unanimous


              MOTION:  That the April 23, 2007, meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.
                              MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                              SECOND:  Mr. Halsey
                              VOTE:   Unanimous
                              TIME:    8:30 p.m.