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DATE:   June 20, 2016





Policy Revisions – June 2016


The attached proposed policy and regulation revisions are recommended by the administration.  These policies are presented for approval this month so they may be included in the Student Handbook, as needed.


Policy BBFA – Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Economic Interests:  Text added that the opinion of the county attorney on whether or not a Board member knowingly violated the Act may be permitted as evidence in a trial.


Policy BDC – Closed Meetings:  Editorial changes


Policy DJ – Small Purchasing:  Text added to specify a monetary threshold for transportation related construction projects at which competitive bidding or competitive negotiations are required. 


Policy EBB – Threat Assessment Teams:  Text added allowing threat assessment team to obtain criminal history records and health records if individual poses threat of violence to self or others.


Policy EBCB – Safety Drills:  Designates how often and when drills should be held.


Policy GBL – Personnel Records: Clarifies personnel record and confidentiality per code.


Policy GC – Professional Staff:  Eliminates local licenses per code.


Policy GCA – Local Licenses for Teachers: – Policy deleted.


Policy GCG – Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract:  Cross reference deleted.


Policy GCPF – Suspension of Staff Members:  Cross reference deleted.

Policy GDB – Support Staff Employment Status: Cross reference deleted.


Policy GDG – Support Staff Probationary Period:  Cross reference deleted. 

Policy GZ – Personnel Protection from Assault/Other Acts: – Policy deleted.


Policy IA – Instructional Goals and Objectives:  Text added to include computer science and computational thinking/computer coding for instruction program.  Also includes a program of instruction in each government course on all information and concepts in the civics portion of the U.S. Naturalization test.


Policy IAA – Notification of Learning Objectives:  Editorial changes.


Policy IGAH – Family Life Education:  Text added to include dating violence and abuse relations be taught in the FLE program, at grade appropriate levels.   


Policy IGAI – Character Education:  Legal Reference deleted.  Editorial changes.


Policy IGBG – Homebound, Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction:  Eligibility for participation in correspondence courses is specified by student enrollment date.


Policy IHB – Class Size:  Text added to notify parents of each student in a class no later than 10 days after the date on which the class exceeds its limit and the measures to be used to reduce the class size to comply with policy.


Policy IKEB – Acceleration:   Policy updated to reflect anticipated changes in graduation requirements expected after July 1, 2018.


Policy IKF – Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements:  Policy updated to reflect anticipated changes in graduation requirements expected after July 1, 2018.


Policy IKFA – Locally Awarded Verified Credits:  Text included to specify dates students enrolled in high school to earn verified credits.   Policy updated to reflect anticipated changes in graduation requirements expected after July 1, 2018.


Policy JJAC – Student-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities:  Text added that includes brain injury as reason to not allow student athletes to return to play on the same day.  Other editorial changes.


Policy JO – Student Records:  Policy adds information concerning disposition of records of students concerning court proceedings.


Policy JRCA – School Service Providers’ Use of Student Personal Information: This is a new policy that lists requirements of school service providers concerning student personal information.


Policy KBA – Requests for Information:  Designates FOIA Officer.


Policy KBA-R – Requests for Information:  Designates FOIA Officer, contact information, and allowable fees.


Policy KBA-F-1 – Request for Public Records:  Form updated per Policy KBA and KBA-R.


Policy LC – Charter Schools:


Policy LI – Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies:  Editorial changes.







As noted on policy.


Eugene Kotulka and/or administration