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DATE:August 15, 2016





2016-2017 Preliminary Accreditation Status


As you know, school divisions in the Commonwealth of Virginia are bound by a dual system of accountability.Schools and divisions must meet state accountability standards and federal accountability standards.State standards are met by schools achieving a 75% pass rate on Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments in English and a 70% pass rate on SOL assessments in math, science and history.The high school must also have a graduation completion index of 85 or greater.


For this year, federal accountability is operating under the approved Virginiaís Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver application.The groups being measured are now:

††††††††† All

††††††††† Gap Group 1 (economically disadvantaged, special education, and English as a Second Language)

††††††††† Gap Group 2 (Black)

††††††††† Gap Group 3 (Hispanic)

††††††††† White

New annual measurable objectives (AMOs) for English and math were determined based on performance of students in a formula approved by the U. S. Department of Education.Benchmarks are different for each subgroup based on actual performance statewide.In addition to meeting the benchmark, schools can reduce their failure rates by 10% and meet the benchmarks. Lowest performing schools in the state will be identified as priority (5% of state Title I schools, 36 in all) or focus (10% of state Title I schools, 72 in all) and will be subject to school improvement sanctions. When a school is identified as a focus school or a priority school, that designation will remain for two school years regardless of academic performance or state accreditation status. Gap group points will determine this identification.Schools not meeting the benchmark in a subgroup will be required to develop a school improvement plan to address this area.


Final data will be provided to school divisions and will be available through school report cards on the Virginia Department of Education website.Preliminary results indicate that three schools in Alleghany County will be fully accredited under state accreditation standards-Alleghany High School, Callaghan Elementary School, and Sharon Elementary School.Two schools will be accredited with warning- Clifton Middle School and Mountain View Elementary School.If I can answer any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.







Standards of Quality and Standards of Accreditation


Mary Jane Mutispaugh






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