January 8, 2019


            The Joint Board of Control for Jackson River Technical Center met in regular monthly session on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 with the following members present:


Bert Baker                                           Covington City

Tamala Preston                                   Covington City

Gerald Franson                                   Alleghany County

Jennifer Seckner                                 Alleghany County

Jacob Wright                                       Alleghany County



            Also present were Ms. Mary-Jane Mutispaugh, sitting in for Mr. Eugene Kotulka, Administrator; Dr. Shannon Fuhrman, sitting in for Ms. Melinda Snead-Johnson, Superintendent of Covington City Schools; Mr. Glenn Spangler, Director; and Ms. Christy Armentrout, Clerk.


Mr. Wright called the meeting to order at 12:02 p.m., and led in a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


Approval of Minutes:

            Mrs. Preston made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mrs. Seckner seconded the motion, and the motion was carried by unanimous aye vote.


Administrative Reports (19-23):

            Director’s Report. Mr. Spangler noted that the second semester of the 2018-19 school year got under way yesterday. He reported that the enrollments have fluctuated up and down, as is the case at the beginning of the semester, however as of 3:30 p.m. on Monday there were 325 high school students and 3 post graduate students enrolled. H noted that he would have a more stable headcount for the board members by the next board meeting.


            Mr. Spangler also noted that in the last month the maintenance staff has been hanging new LED light fixtures in the automotive lab. He stated that this should help with savings on the electric bill and light bulb expenses. Mr. Spangler also noted that the staff has been working to get the machine shop ready to host classes for DSLCC. The classes are currently under way in the classroom at DSLCC and they will be attending class in the lab at JRTC once the machines are wired and leveled. Mr. Spangler invited the board members to tour the lab after today’s board meeting has adjourned.


Old Business:



New Business:  


Approve HOSA State Conference Field Trip (19-24):

            Mr. Spangler asked that the board approve for the HOSA students from the junior and senior nurse aide classes to attend the State Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia March 15 – 17, 2019. There are currently around 25 students interested in going to the conference at this time. This number will possibly be reduced close to time for the conference, but he does not anticipate that there will be any more students going than that. Mr. Baker made a motion to approve the trip. Mrs. Preston seconded the motion, and it passed by unanimous aye vote.



Pay Bills (19-25):

            Bills in the amount of $12,922.50 were approved for payment on motion by Mr. Baker, seconded by Mr. Franson. The motion carried unanimously.


Salaries and bills in the amount of $77,225.17 were also paid in accordance with approved salary and benefit schedules.




The meeting adjourned 12:12 p.m. on motion by Mrs. Seckner, seconded by Mr. Baker.



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