September 9,2018: Work Session and Professional Development Retreat




September 9, 2018


The Alleghany County School Board held a work session and professional development retreat on September 9, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. at the Central Office Complex in Low Moor, Virginia.


PRESENT: Gerald E. Franson; Donnie T. Kern; R. Craig Lane; Danielle I. Morgan; Jennifer S. Seckner, Vice Chair; Randall S. Tucker, Chairman; and Jacob L. Wright.  Also present: Eugene P. Kotulka, Superintendent; and Lorie C. Bess, Clerk.




Chairman Tucker announced the following topics to be added to the agenda:

1.   School board student representative

2.   Studer Employee Survey

3.   Bus route

4.   FOIA request



The following items were discussed:   

  1. VSBA Annual Convention – Mr. Kotulka will be attending the Early Bird Session on Wednesday morning (November 14)
  2. Closed Session Confidentiality – Mr. Kotulka reminded board members to keep confidential any topics that are discussed in closed session.
  3. Food Services – Mr. Kotulka reported we will try “scratch lunches” at the high school second semester, and possible Callaghan Elementary also.  He noted this may require an additional cafeteria employee and utilizing a nutritionist.  Mr. Wright replied he may have some contacts through other schools. 
  4. School Lunch Debt – Mr. Kotulka reported we need to revise the policy, which will be included for review on the October agenda.
  5. Field Trip Guidelines - Mr. Kotulka discussed overseas trips, specifically Puerto Rico, saying it is not an international trip.  The Board emphasized the importance of the required number of chaperones.  Mr. Kotulka stated a revised policy would be included on the October agenda for review.     
  6. Report Cards/Grading Scales – The Board discussed grading scales and report cards.  Ms. Mutispaugh is developing a committee to involve staff, parents, and two board members.  Ms. Easton is developing a scale for “Personalized Learning” at MVES and will make a presentation at the October meeting. 
  7. Board and superintendent goals/priorities – the goals were based on feedback from the Board and staff members.
  8. Studer Employee Survey – the survey was reviewed and discussed.  Mr. Kern asked if the Board could create the questions for the parent survey.  Mr. Kotulka replied the questions are created by Studer and are designed to be compared with other school divisions.  Mrs. Morgan suggested Studer offer exit surveys to employees.  Mr. Kotulka replied he would check in to it.   
  9. Capital Improvement – Mrs. Seckner reported the women’s bathrooms at the concessions at the high school do not have locks and something needs to be done about the speaker system. Mr. Kotulka replied he would alert Mr. Truett to put locks on the doors. Other various renovations were discussed. 
  10. Facilities/Athletic Facilities
  11. VSBA Student Representative – Mr. Kotulka stated he would like to have a student representative beginning second semester.  The Board agreed it would be a good experience for a student. 
  12. Bus route – Mr. Kotulka reported we may have to hire an additional bus driver to meet the needs of some students.  This position will be included on the September 17 personnel agenda, he noted.
  13. FOIA requests – The Board discussed procedures for submitting and responding to FOIA requests.      
  14. General board discussion – Mr. Kotulka stated everyone is working diligently to improve academics in all areas in all schools. 



MOTION:  That the September 9, 2018 work session and retreat of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.

MOTION:  Mr. Wright  

TIME: 3:54 p.m.



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