Proposed Web Filtering Changes for Juniors and Seniors

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DATE: January 14, 2019





Proposed Web Filtering Changes for Juniors and Seniors


Digital Citizenship describes a collection of important 21st century skills. A comprehensive definition must include words such as etiquette, literacy, commerce, security, and personal responsibility.


Writing for, Terry Heick defines digital citizenship as the self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities[we] enjoy or depend [up]on.”


In our schools, we teach Digital Citizenship through our Internet safety curriculum and we enforce compliance through the function of our web filtering services. Although our content filtering environment does provide students with a limited opportunity to develop some self-monitored habits, a supervised, transitional experience is not offered for our juniors and seniors. At present, the web traffic generated by all of our high school students-without regard to grade level- is filtered using identical rules.


In order to promote the development of self-monitored habits and in order to provide a supervised, transitional Internet experience for our juniors and seniors, we propose modifications to the web filter categories and Google features that are described below:

  1. Allowing Youtube content via the company’s restricted-mode capability. At present, Youtube content is limited to only teacher-selected videos.
  2. Allowing Advertisements.
  3. Allowing sites related to Auctions/Shopping.
  4. Allowing access to sites that host digital forums (filtered by keyword).
  5. Allowing streamed radio and tv content.


We request the board’s authorization to deploy the modifications to selected students (test environment). Parents will be offered an opportunity to opt-out. Internet traffic will be monitored and usage reports will be generated. Access violations will be reported to the high school’s administrative team.





The board’s formal action will be requested during the February 2019 school board meeting.









Jeff Alleman; Dwayne Ross; Mary Jane Mutispaugh




Attached: Region 6 Content Filtering Survey