20-36: Comprehensive Plan Timeline

TO:                         Members of the School Board

FROM:                  Sherman Callahan, Director of Elementary Instruction
                              Kelly Huff, Director of Secondary Instruction

CC:                         Principals and Central Office Administrators

DATE:                    August 19, 2019

SUBJECT:             Timeline for Revisions to the Comprehensive Plan


Virginia Code 22.1-253.13:6, the Virginia Standards of Quality, requires that “a report shall be presented by each school board to the public by November 1 of each odd-numbered year on the extent to which the objectives of the division wide comprehensive plan have been met during the previous two school years.”


The following timeline presents the administration’s plan to ensure School Board compliance with the Code and to provide for necessary revision to the school division’s six year comprehensive and capital improvement plans. 


August 20, 2019                Central office and building staff will begin to review the current Comprehensive Plan.


September 17, 2019        Central office and building staff will continue to review the current Comprehensive Plan


September 26, 2019        School Board Work Session – the Board will begin the review of the Comprehensive Plan


October 21, 2019              School Board Meeting – the Board will review the administrative updates to the Comprehensive Plan


November 18, 2019         Presentation of revised plan to School Board for first reading and consideration of posting plan on the website for public comment.             


December 16, 2020          School Board will conduct a public hearing on each of the Comprehensive Plan.


January 21, 2020               School Board will consider formal adoption of the revised six year Comprehensive Plan.  Approval of the revised plan will be made effective as of February 1, 2019.