21-99: School Bullying Prevention Campaigns


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DATE: October 20, 2020 




School Bullying Prevention Campaigns


The following is a brief summary of the Bullying Prevention Campaigns that have occurred, or are currently occurring, in each school in October:



  1. “Super Heroes Fight Bullying” – October 27th and October 30th - students will dress up or wear logos of their favorite super hero. Most elaborate costume will win a prize.
  2. “Donut Be a Bully” – pledge to end bullying at AHS by signing the lockers outside the cafeteria then get donuts and hot chocolate.
  3. Daily quotes/facts pertaining to anti-bullying on the morning and afternoon announcements with a “throw away trash talk” display in the main lobby.
  4. “We All Fit Together” project thru the leadership class - . Students will create different large puzzle pieces to display throughout the school with different stereotypes (band, jock, readers, animal lovers, etc.) with the phrase “we all fit together” above each.
  5. School Counselor Outreach/Classroom Lessons – counselors visit classes to educate students on the differences between “social conflicts” and bullying and ACPS “See Something/Say Something” practices.


  1. School Counselor Outreach/Classroom Lessons – counselors visit homerooms to discuss bullying and its impacts as well as show short video clips that will be pushed out to all Chromebooks. Topics discussed:
    • What bullying is and what it is not (definitions)
    • Different types of bullying
      • Verbal, Physical, Social, Indirect, Cyber
    • How to be an upstander to bullying
    • HAHASO Strategies if being bullied
      • H- Help
      • A- Assert Yourself
      • H- Humor
      • A- Avoid
      • S- Self-talk
      • O- Own it
  1. “I Promise to Stop Bullying” – pledge to end bullying at CMS by signing pledge cards which will be hung around the school
  2. Daily quotes/facts pertaining to anti-bullying on the morning announcements


  1. See Word document attachment


  1. According to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Unity Day is Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Students and staff are to wear and share orange to show that they are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Since no students are physically in school this day, MVES will celebrate Unity Days on October 20 (A group) and October 22 (B group).
  2. MVES will to create a Unity Tree in the front lobby/ breezeway area. They will cut out a tree trunk with branches and tape it to the wall. Throughout the month of October, they will supply leaf shaped paper to the teachers. The idea would be, in their free time, the students would write a response on the leaves to the questions: what can you do to change/ impact your school’s culture about bullying?; how can you support a peer who is being bullied?; or, other bully prevention ideas. Teachers can also write down students that they catch being kind on a leaf (who and what he/she did). Teachers will collect the leaves and put them in my box at the end of the school day, and MVES will hang them up on the tree. It would be a visual reminder that MVES is united for social change.
  3. Ms. McGraw and the school counselor will collaborate and work with the 5th grade students to make a bully prevention videos and posters to push out to the younger grade levels- whether that is in-person to the classes or virtually.
  4. Lastly, school counseling lessons on bullying and bully prevention will be taught during my guidance schedule (starting today).


  1. School Counselor Outreach/Classroom Lessons – instruction and discussions on bullying v. teasing and “See Something/Say Something”
  2. Proactive Prevention Strategies – teacher facilitated class discussions on how to prevent bullying
  3. Anti-Bullying Pledge – students sign the pledge during lunch. Pledge displayed in the hallway


School Internal Funds, as needed






School Principals, Kelly A. Huff, Sherman B. Callahan






Documents related to the Board’s discussion of the: CES Campaign (Word Document)