Innovators Archive

June 2021: “Overcoming the Challenge: A Year in Review”

May 2021: “Virtual Escape Rooms” with Ms. Rapp

April 2021: “Mammal Madness Championship” with Mrs. Dupoise and Ms. Hinkle

March 2021: “Interactive Math with Google Slides” with Ms. Bryant

February 2021: Technology: Above and Beyond

January 2021: "Enhancing Student and Family Engagement During Virtual Learning" with Ms. White

December 2020: "Virtually Disco" with Mrs. Sprouse

November 2020: “Innovate While We Separate!” with Miss Burdette

March 2020: "Designing Robots with Promethean" with Mr. Kelly of AHS
NOTE: Due to the Pandemic, the Innovator Video for March 2020 was never aired

February 2020: "More Than a Penny for Your Thoughts": Introducing Money Concepts Through Instruction and iPads

January 2020: “Coding and Robotics Activities at Clifton Middle School” with our kids at CMS

December 2019: "Chromebooks Support Project-based Learning!" With our Alleghany High School student

November 2019: "Virtual Reality in the Elementary Classroom" with our Kids at Mountain View Elementary

October 2019: Imagine Learning 101 with our kids at Callaghan Elementary

September 2019: “Finding Your Reading Personality” with our Kids at Sharon Elementary

June 2019: “Alleghany High School Retrospective” with Ms. Young

May 2019: “Clifton Middle School Retrospective” with Mrs. Fox

April 2019: “Classroom Transformation” with Mrs. Lucas-Corbett and Mrs. Bradley

March 2019: “Using” with Mrs. Nicely

February 2019: “Students Teaching Students” with Ms. Nicely

January 2019: “Doodling” with Doodle Buddy with Mrs. Craft

December 2018: Using Technology in the Classroom” with Mrs. Jones

November 2018: "Tinkering" with Technology with Mrs. Jackson

October 2018: Getting in "Touch" with Learning with Mrs. Thompson

May 2018: Mrs. Cline and NetOp

April 2018: Mr. Conner and Gamification Classroom at AHS

March 2018: Ms. Lucas and STEM at MVES

February 2018: Mr. Isbell and Drones at CES