BBBA -- Qualifications of School Board Members

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At the time of appointment or election to office, each member of the School Boardmust be a qualified voter and bona fide resident of the school division and district which they represent and meet any other criteria set forth in state law. If a board member shall cease to be a resident of the school division or that district which the board member represents, the position on the School Board shall be deemed vacant.


The School Board shall be composed of seven (7) members re presenting each of the election districts of Alleghany County.  No employee of the School Board shall be eligible to serve on the Board by whom he/she is employed.

Adopted:           November 17, 1997

Amended:         November 12, 2001







Legal Ref.:       Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, sections 22.1 29, 22.1-30, 22.1-57.3. Cross Ref:       BBE      Unexpired Term Fulfillment