DGC-R--School Activity Funds

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  1. School activity funds shall be used solely in accordance with the purpose for which such funds are collected.
  2. Projects for raising school activity funds shall contribute to the educational experience of students and shall not conflict with the instructional program.
  3. Funds derived from the student body as a whole shall be used to benefit the student body as a whole.
  4. Funds raised from or by specific groups of students shall be spent for the benefit of those students.
  5. Generally, school activity funds should be spent in such a way as to benefit those students who are in school and who have contributed to the accumulation of such funds.
  6. Student representation is encouraged in the management of funds raised by the student body and spent for its benefit, subject to faculty supervision.
  7. School activity funds shall be managed in accordance with the best business practices including sound budgetary and accounting procedures.
  8. Student body business shall be conducted in such a manner as to offer maximum competition with commercial concerns.
  9. Principals, through their representatives, shall participate in the preparation, modification, and interpretation of the policies, regulations, and procedures affecting student body affairs.
  10. Each student activity account is to be self-balanced.  No account is to be overdrawn unless receipts are forthcoming. Excess costs for a student activity must be covered by undesignated funds in the school’s general account of the Principal’s undesignated account.
  11. Financial records of school activity funds shall be retained and disposed of in accordance with regulations concerning financial records retentions and disposition set forth in law and regulation.



Adopted:          April 20, 2015




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