DJ-R Regulations Governing Purchases & Internal Accounting



The following regulations provide guidance for the fulfillment of the Alleghany County School Board’s commitment to the Virginia Public Procurement Act and school board policies DJ, DJA and DJF.  They also represent special local provisions for public procurement allowable under the Virginia Public Procurement Act.  The school board is committed to obtaining high quality goods and services at the most reasonable cost and to providing flexibility in fashioning details of competitive procurement, all for the benefit of the citizens and students of Alleghany County.


Policy Requirements

These regulations governing small purchases and internal accounting are published in accordance with following policies:

DJ, “Small Purchasing” – “Specific procedures for purchases under this section shall be published as an administrative regulation.”

DJA, “Purchasing Authority” – The superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for internal accounting controls.”



(1.) The Director of Finance shall serve as the Superintendent’s designee for all matters associated with the enforcement of these regulations.


(2.) Principals shall accept responsibility for all expenditures of all school-based funds at the school level.  Such funds include any money that has come into the possession of the individual school by any means other than direct allocation from the school board.  Such funds include, but are not limited to fundraising money, student fees and class dues.


(3.) Purchasing agents are defined as those individuals who are authorized to afford prior approval of purchases at the school (principals) and/or division level (superintendent, assistant superintendents, directors).


(4.) All expenditures using funds allocated by the school board that are $500 or more shall be preceded by the issuance of a requisition form that shall receive prior approval of the superintendent or his/her designee.  Exempted from this requirement are purchases for which the issuance of a purchase requisition is not possible or practical including the following:

  • (a.) Fuels and utilities required for the normal operation of the school division;
  • (b.) Emergency purchases of goods and/or services that are unplanned and/or unforeseen. Emergency purchases shall receive prior verbal approval from the superintendent or his/her designee whenever possible;
  • (c.) Professional services from providers previously approved by the school board that are used on an as-needed basis such as legal and consultative services;
  • (d.) Employer contributions to payroll related insurances and benefits from providers previously approved by the school board;
  • (e.) Services for which a written, binding contract is in effect.


Technology related expenditures (computer hardware, peripherals, and software) require the issuance of a requisition form regardless of the amount. 


(5.) All expenditures of school-based funds, such as funds resulting from fundraising activity, shall be preceded by the issuance of a school-based purchase order that shall receive prior approval of the principal.


(6.) Purchases of services that will be provided to a school, or to the school division, for a period in excess of one year shall be submitted for prior approval to the school board.  School board approval shall be subject to sufficient annual appropriations.


(7.) Purchasing material through a revolving credit plan with a finance charge is prohibited unless prior written permission is given by the superintendent.


(8.) All checks issued by the division or by any school or department must be authorized by at least two signatures.


(9.) Principals should avoid situations whereby the individual who writes a given check is one of the two individuals who sign the same check.


(10.) Principals should avoid situations whereby the individual who is responsible for a given deposit, is also the individual who conducts the deposit of those same funds in the bank.


(11.) Guidelines for competitive bidding:

In accordance with the Virginia Procurement Act and Alleghany County School Board Policy DJ, competitive sealed bids and/or competitive negotiations are required for the purchase of goods, services, and single and term contracts in excess of $100,000.  All such purchases shall be approved by the school board.


The Alleghany County School Board does not require competitive sealed bids or competitive negotiations for the purchase of goods, services, and single or term contracts not expected to exceed $100,000.  In the case of these contracts, however, the following procedures will be applied:

(a.) For purchases of $50,000 to $100,000, a formal written solicitation for bids or quotes must be issued to a minimum of four qualified entities which shall be documented. Preliminary approval by the school board shall be required;

(b.) For purchases of $10,000 to $49,999, a minimum of three bids or quotes shall be documented.  No formal written solicitation is required and no preliminary school board approval is required if the purchase is included in the school board’s operating budget;

(c.) For all purchases between $10,000 and $49,999, the purchaser may acquire quotes or bids by letter, telephone, fax or email.  Documentation of each bid shall include the quote, the date on which the quote was solicited, the date on which the quote was received, the name of the person submitting the quote or the source from which the quote was drawn.  The documentation shall be filed with the schools (or departments) file copy of the purchase order;

(d.) For purchases under $10,000, procedures shall provide for competition wherever practicable;

(e.) When advertised formal bidding is not required but federal funds will be used to pay, in full or in part, for any resultant contract an open and public process shall be implemented to include a public notice of the intent to contract for goods or services, a reasonable amount of time for potential contractors to consider whether or not to offer quotes, and post-award public disclosure of who made bids or quotes and who was chosen;

(f.) Splitting of larger purchases in order to avoid the formal process described herein is prohibited;

(g.) Documentation of competitive prices and other terms associated with any competitive bid process shall be kept on file for a period of no less than five (5) years after contract expiration by the purchaser, indicating date, time and name of supplier or vendor contacted and terms offered.


(12.) Purchasing agents also shall remain responsible for ensuring that all purchasing practices comply with Alleghany County Public Schools commitment to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, color, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, or marital status. 



Approved:       April 28, 2003

Amended:       June 18, 2007

Amended:       March 15, 2010

Amended:       October 17, 2011

Amended:       September 16, 2019    *Policy per Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates (RFCA) and modified by ACPS          



Cross Ref.:      DJ       Small Purchasing