DJA--Purchasing Authority

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The superintendent with the School Board's formal approval may designate a qualified employee to serve as the purchasing agent for the Board. In this capacity, the agent for the Board may purchase or contract for all supplies, materials, equipment, and contractual services required by the school division subject to federal and state laws and regulations and School Board policies. All purchases made by the school division will be in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act.


All personnel in the division who desire to purchase equipment and supplies shall follow the established procurement procedures within their departments or schools for the issuance of a requisition or purchase order. All purchase orders must be forwarded to the

superintendent or superintendent’s designee for approval and processing. Internal Controls

The superintendent, or superintendent’s designee, establishes appropriate procedures for internal accounting controls.


Purchasing and Contracting


The Alleghany County School Board encourages full and open competition whenever practicable among potential contractors and suppliers by competitive bidding practices; to centralize purchasing and contracting within the school division to realize the economies resulting therefrom; and to seek maximum educational value for every dollar expended.


Adopted:          April 14, 2014



Legal Ref.:        Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 2.2-4300 et seq., 22.1-70 and 22.1-78.

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