BDDH-R KD-R Regulations Pertaining to Public Participation at School Board Meetings

File:  BDDH-R
(Also KD-R)







The following regulation provides guidance for public participation at School Board meetings as described in School board Policy BDDH / KD.  Guidance provided by this regulation relates only to public participation at School Board meetings and is not intended to govern other methods by which the public may communicate with School Board members and/or the school division administration.




The Alleghany County School Board encourages orderly participation and comments by members of the public and employees during it public meetings.  Public comment opportunities are available at each regular School Board meeting unless otherwise advertised.  Public comment opportunities generally are not available during School Board work session unless otherwise advertised.  Anyone wishing to address the School Board should:


  1. Complete a comment card (available at meetings) and present it to the School Board Clerk prior to the public comment period; and,
  2. Limit his/her remarks to three minutes, unless the Chair makes an exception.


The School Board Chair is authorized to prohibit comments that violate the privacy rights of students and employees.  The Chair also reserves the right to prohibit comments that the Chair deems to be offensive, or which interrupts or disturbs the reasonable conduct of the meeting.


As a general rule, the School Board will not respond to public comment at the time it is presented.  Should the Chair, or a majority of the Board, decide that a response to any public comment is in order, the Chair, or the majority of the Board, shall so direct the administration to provide such a response.


Adopted:          November 16, 2015

11/15 ACPS                          ALLEGHANY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS