10-16-2017 Regular Meeting Agenda

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P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle
Low Moor, Virginia  24457



October 16, 2017
Callaghan Elementary School, Covington, Virginia
6:00 p.m. - Regular Meeting



              Call to Order / Moment of Silence / Pledge of Allegiance and school pledge led by Addyson   Burkholder and James Ross


  Roll Call

              Community Participation

18-104   Opening remarks and welcome by Nancy Moga, Principal, Callaghan Elementary School

18-105   Remarks by PTO representative

18-106   School Board Commendations

18-107   Public Comment

18-108   School Board Member and Superintendent Comments


18-109   Consent Agenda (action)

        A.  Approval of Minutes of September 18, 2017 Regular Meeting and September 29, 2017 Work Session and Professional Development Retreat
        B.  Approval of payment of bills
        C.  Cafeteria report
        D.  Communications/Monthly Reports
                   1. JRTC monthly report
                   2. Classified Advisory Committee
                   3. Minority Advisory Committee
                   4. Parent Advisory Committee
                   5. Teacher Advisory Committee


              Budget and Finance

18-110   Budget report (information)

18-111   September 30 student membership report (information)


              Superintendent’s Reports & Recommendations

18-112   Calendar information:

              -November 14, 12:00 p.m. – JRTC Joint Board of Control meeting at JRTC
-November 15 -17 – VSBA Annual Convention in Williamsburg
-November 20, 6:00 p.m. – Regular monthly meeting at Mountain View Elementary School
-November 22-24 – Schools closed for holiday
              -November monthly calendar

18-113   Resolution designating November 13-17, 2017 as American Education Week (action)

18-114   One-to-One Initiative update (information)

18-115   Telecommunications Contracts – Request for Proposal and E-rate 470 applications (action)

18-116   Capital improvement and operational maintenance update (information)

18-117   Approval of bus fuel mileage reimbursement rate (action)

18-118   Report on final state accreditation status (information)

18-119   Submission of ESEA Title IV Application (action)

18-120   On-Time Graduation Report (information)

18-121   Review Comprehensive Improvement and Capital Improvement Plans (information)

18-122   New Tech update (information)

              Policy Revisions

18-123   Policies BCE, “School Board Committees” and BCE-R, “Appointments to JRTC Board and JRGS Board” (action)


              Other Business

18-124   Addition to agenda


              Closed Session

18-125   Code of Virginia:

               -2.2-3711.A.1 – Personnel Matters / Actual and potential appointments,
                       assignments, resignations, terminations, salaries, and job descriptions.

               -2.2-3711.A.2 – Student Matters / Discussion and consideration of disciplinary
                       matters,  including pupil personnel case #18-06.  

               -2.2-3711.A.19 – Discussion of school safety reports.



18-126   Personnel actions (action)


18-127   Disposition of Pupil Personnel

              a. Case #18-06 (action)