Kajeet: After School Internet Access

Alleghany County Public Schools has made after school Internet access available at the following location:

Clifton Middle School: Daily 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM, bus 38

The WiFi signal will extend to a distance of 150 feet. Only Chromebooks provided by our school division are authorized to connect to the service.

While access speeds will be comparable to cellular data speeds,  the daily volume of available bandwidth is limited.  High bandwidth services such as video or audio will not be available.

To use the service:
1. Please park your vehicle within 150 feet of the Kajeet bus.  Please use designated parking spaces.  Please deposit all trash in available containers.
2. A school-provided Chromebook will automatically connect to the Kajeet service.
3. The service is scheduled to be available from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM.  At 7:30 PM, the service will automatically shut down.  If the daily bandwidth allocation has been utilized, the service will shut down prior to 7:30 PM.

After-hours technical support will not be available.

Alleghany County Public Schools’ One-to-One Initiative

As part of our vision for the future, Alleghany County Public Schools is transitioning to a student centered, technology enriched and project based learning environment. The use of technology and technology resources in instruction enhances individual learning, student engagement, and results in students developing a personal motivation to learn. In other words, students are empowered to be self-motivated learners. Staff and students begin to focus on real world learning opportunities that employ 21st Century Skills. Thus, when students are provided real world learning opportunities in an enriched technological learning environment, the distinction between the uses of a device and the professional practice almost disappears which prepares them for life after high school. Integrating technology into the curriculum on a daily basis provides the following:

  • the ability for teachers to reach different types of learners;
  • empowers students’ intrinsic motivation for learning;
  • enhances student participation;
  • teachers become facilitators;
  • develops 21st Century Skills;
  • multiple methods of assessment;
  • encourages students to work together in groups;
  • enhances creativity;
  • makes connections to the real world;
  • students are engaged in the learning process;
  • makes learning meaningful;
  • improves feedback; and
  • prepares students for the future in the workforce.

ACPS Innovators

A One-to-One Initiative and technology integration go hand-in-hand, the videos that follow demonstrate technology integration in the classroom.

June 2021: “Overcoming the Challenge: A Year in Review”

videography by: Joseph Stull

Special Video: “Technology: Above and Beyond”

videography by: Joseph Stull

To view previous months Innovators: Please visit our archive.

Alleghany County Public Schools Browser Support

Windows, Chrome OS, iOS Google Chrome Google Chrome Supported Download

iOS Version 13.1+
Firefox  Mozilla Firefox Supported Download
Safari Apple Safari Supported

Technology Department Quick Facts

The Alleghany County Technology Department provides:
  • Network and Device Support
  • Administrative Technology Support
  • Instructional Technology Support
  • Video Production Services
  • Technology Procurement
  • Digital Instruction and Support
  • Instructional Design Support
  • Professional Development Services

Alleghany County Public Schools Technology Department

  • Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning: Dr. Lucas Conner
  • Supervisor of Technology - Infrastructure & Systems: Matthew Paxton
  • Technology Support Specialist: Joseph Stull