9-19-2016 Regular Meeting Agenda

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P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle
Low Moor, VA  24457


Monday, September 19, 2016, Callaghan Elementary School|
6:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting



Roll Call

Call to Order / Moment of Silence / Pledge of Allegiance and School Pledge led by Kinsey Middleton and Christian Flenner           


17-56     Approval of Minutes (action)

  1. August 15, 2016 Regular Meeting

              Community Participation

17-57     Opening remarks and welcome by Nancy Moga, Principal, Callaghan Elementary School

17-58     Remarks by PTO representative

17-59     School Board Commendations:

              - Callaghan students who earned a perfect 600 score on their Spring 2016 SOL assessments

             - ABCD Awards – Cherry Connor (posthumously), Kathy Sexton, and Teresa Urban

17-60     Public Comment

17-61     School Board Member and Superintendent Comments

              Business & Finance

17-62     Budget report (information)

17-63     Payment of bills (action)

17-64     Ten-day student membership report (information)

17-65     Cafeteria report (information)

17-66     Approval of budget development calendar & designation of 6 p.m., January 23, 2017 as date for public hearing on 2017-2018 budget (action)

17-67     Designation of School Board liaison(s) to Administrative Budget Committee (action)

17-68    School Activity Fund Audit (information)

              Superintendent’s Reports & Recommendations       

17-69     Calendar information:

              - October 10 – No school for students.  Parent/teacher conferences.

              - October 11, 12:00 p.m.  – JRTC Joint Board at JRTC

              - October 17 – Regular monthly meeting at Clifton Middle School

              - October 23-25 – VASS Fall Conference in Charlottesville       

              - October monthly calendar

              - October TBD – School Board Retreat with VSBA

              - November 16-18 – VSBA Annual Conference in Williamsburg

17-70     JRTC Annual Report (information)

17-71     Approval to administer Youth Risk Behavior Study (action)

17-72     Approval of 2016-2017 Committees (action)

17-73     Approval of Textbook Adoption Committees (action)

17-74     Resolution designating October as Bullying Prevention Month (action) 

17-75     School Bus Mileage Reimbursement (information)       

17-76     Annual disposition of surplus property (information)

17-77     Capital improvement and operational maintenance update (information)

17-78     Update on Capital Projects (action)

17-79     Consider submission of grant application for Alleghany High School greenhouse (action)

17-80     Confirmation that School Board members have reviewed and approve of School Board Office/Turning Point Crisis Plan (action)

17-81     Employee compensation (action)

17-82    Consideration of consent agenda (action)

              Policy Revision

17-83     Policy GCQA (action)

17-84     Communications and Reports (information)

  1. Monthly JRTC report
  2. One-to-One Initiative update
  3. New Tech update
  4. Community Educational Committee
  5. Exit 21 interchange update

              Other Business

17-85     Addition to the agenda

             Closed Session

17-86     Code of Virginia:

                 -2.2-3711.A.1 – Personnel Matters / Actual and potential appointments, terminations,  
                           assignments, resignations, salaries, job descriptions, superintendent               
                           evaluation and School Board self-evaluation.

                 -2.2-3711.A.7 – Legal Matters / Discussion briefings by staff members pertaining to
                           actual or probable litigation.

                 -2.2-3711.A.19 – Discussion of school safety reports.      


17-87     Personnel actions (action)

17-88     Review of revised job descriptions (information)