10-21-2019: Regular Meeting

P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle

Low Moor, Virginia  24457



October 21, 2019

Callaghan Elementary School, Covington, Virginia

6:00 p.m. - Regular Meeting



              Call to Order / Moment of Silence

              Pledge of Allegiance led by Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students


  Roll Call

              Community Participation

20-77      Opening remarks and welcome by Josh Craft, principal, Callaghan Elementary School

20-78      Remarks by PTO representative

20-79      Commendations/Awards

  • Donation from BARC Electric Cooperative - John Quantz
  • ABCD Awards –  Rick Hartman, Kathy Sexton, Darrel Tucker, and Teresa Urban
  • National Merit Scholarship – David Donnan, Alleghany High School
  • VSBA Academy Awards – Gerald Franson, Craig Lane, Danielle Morgan, Jennifer Seckner, Jacob Wright, and Eugene Kotulka     

20-80      Public Comment

20-81      School Board Member and Superintendent Comments


20-82      Consent Agenda (action)

        A.  Approval of Minutes of September 16, 2019 Regular Meeting

        B.  Approval for payment of bills

        C.  Cafeteria report

        D.  Communications/Monthly Reports

                   1. JRTC monthly report

                   2. Classified Advisory Committee

                   3. Minority Advisory Committee

                   4. Parent Advisory Committee

                   5. Teacher Advisory Committee


              Budget and Finance

20-83      Budget report (information)

20-84      September 30 student membership report (information)


              Superintendent’s Reports & Recommendations

20-85      Calendar information:

              -November 12, 12:00 p.m. – JRTC Joint Board of Control meeting at JRTC

              -November 18, 6:00 p.m. – Regular monthly meeting at Mountain View Elementary School

              -November 20-22 – VSBA Annual Convention in Williamsburg

              -November 27-29 – Schools closed for holiday

              -November monthly calendar



  • Parent Satisfaction Survey (October 4 – October 18)
  • Student Engagement Survey (October 4 –October 18)
  • Staff Engagement Survey (November 1 – November 14)


20-86      Update from Joint School Services Committee (information)

20-87      Report from meeting with Secretary of Education (information)

20-88      Unrecoverable Lunch debt (action)

20-89      ACPS Hall of Fame (information)

20-90      Resolution designating November 18-22, 2019 as American Education Week (action)

20-91      One-to-One Initiative update (information)

20-92      Out of School Connectivity Survey (information)

20-93      Committee rosters (information)

20-94      Approval of Local Special Education Advisory Committee (action)

20-95      Alleghany High School Restroom Updates (information)

20-96      Approval of bid for HVAC Building Control Replacement (action)

20-97      Capital improvement and operational maintenance update (information)

20-98      Approval of bus fuel mileage reimbursement rate (action)

20-99      Report on final state accreditation status (information)

20-100    School anti-bullying campaigns (information)

20-101    Approval of Major Clarity program (action)


              Policy Revisions:

20-102    Approval of policies reviewed at September meeting – GBEC-R, JFCH-R, KGC-R (action)

20-103    Policies recommended by administration (information)

              a.  JEC-R-F1 – Non Resident/Non-District Application Form

              b.  JED-R – Attendance Regulation

              c.  JGD-R – Student Suspension/Expulsion

              d.  JFCD-R – Weapons in School

              e.  JFCF-R – Drugs in School

              f.   JFCE-R – Gang Activity or Association


              Other Business

20-104    Addition to agenda


              Closed Session

20-105    Code of Virginia:

  • 2.2-3711.A.1 – Personnel Matters / Actual and potential appointments, assignments,

                    resignations, terminations, and salaries, including discussion of Case #20-S4.

  • 2.2-3711.A.2 – Student Matters / Discussion and consideration of disciplinary matters  
  • 2.2-3711.A.7 – Legal Matters / Discussion briefings by staff members pertaining to   

             actual or probable litigation.

  • 2.2-3711.A.19 – Discussion of school safety reports.



20-106    Personnel actions (action)

20-107    Consider approval of Instructional Assistant (action)

20-108    Case #20-S4 (action)