9-29-2017 Work Session and Professional Development Retreat Minutes

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September 29, 2017


The Alleghany County School Board held a work session and professional development retreat on September 29, 2017,at 9:00 a.m. at the Merry Go Round Farm in Covington, Virginia.


PRESENT: Gerald E. Franson; R. Craig Lane; Danielle I. Morgan; Norman L. Persinger, Jr.; Jennifer S. Seckner; Randall S. Tucker, and Jacob L. Wright.  Also present: Eugene P. Kotulka, Superintendent; and Lorie C. Bess, Clerk.



Chairman Tucker announced the following addition to the agenda:

1.  Agenda item #18-103.M., “General Board Discussion” will be added after agenda item #18-103.L. 


The following items were discussed:   

  1. Role of a board member – led by Stacy Haney of Reed Smith LLP.
    Mrs. Haney provided a handout, which is attached to the minutes.  She reviewed items such as authority of boards/individual members, board member liability, personal injuries/sovereign immunity, conflict of interests, employment of relatives, FOIA, appeals process, access to personnel files, personnel agendas, social media postings, and board member professionalism.
  2. Closed Session Confidentiality – Mrs. Haney stressed the importance of keeping information discussed during closed session confidential.
  3. School lunch debt – Mr. Kotulka explained he received an offer of a donation to cover school lunch debt.Board members discussed options with Mrs. Haney and concluded the best option for such donations is to pass the funds to the school PTO to disburse according to student need.
  4. Comprehensive Plan – Mr. Kotulka reviewed the comprehensive plan and provided each board member a copy.The board was encouraged to review the document and provide input to the superintendent.
  5. Capital Improvement Plan – Mr. Kotulka provided a copy to each board member, who then ranked the priorities.Mr. Kotulka will use this tally to update the capital improvement plan.
  6. VSBA Annual Convention and Education Foundation – Mr. Kotulka will attend the Education Foundation meeting on November 14 and offered board members the opportunity to attend as well.
  7. Field trip guidelines – The board discussed current guidelines, fundraisers, and costs.
  8. Physical education – The board reviewed the current policy.The board agreed they would like to incorporate more physical education and/or recess time for students.
  9. Board goals and priorities – The board was provided a list of the priorities they established in May, and were asked to rank them.
  10. Food services – The board discussed ways to get more students to eat lunch each day, such as using a nutritionist or chef for menu ideas.Mr. Kotulka stated he would check with VDOE to have our lunch processes evaluated to see if we can increase student lunch participation.
  11. Agriculture – The board discussed options to incorporate more agriculture options, not only for the instruction program, but perhaps also the lunch program.
  12. Direct deposit / email pay stubs
  13. General board discussion – Mr. Kotulka stated everyone is working diligently to improve academics in all areas in all schools.



MOTION:  That the September 29, 2017 meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.

MOTION:  Mr. Franson 
TIME: 3:00 p.m.


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                      Lorie Bess_School Board Clerk_ Signature 
Chairman, Alleghany County School Board                             Clerk