BDA -- Regular School Board Meetings

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The School Board transacts all business at School Board meetings. The School Board does not vote by secret or written ballot. However, nothing prohibits separately contacting the membership, or any part thereof, of the School Board for the purpose of ascertaining a member's position with respect to the transaction of public business, whether such contact is done in person, by telephone or by electronic communication, provided the contact is done on a basis that does not constitute a meeting under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.   


All meetings of the School Board are open to the public, except as otherwise permitted by law.


No meeting is conducted through telephonic, video, electronic or other electronic communication means where the members are not physically assembled to discuss or transact public business, except as provided in Policy BDD Electronic Participation in Meetings from Remote Locations.


The School Board gives notice of its meetings in accordance with Policy BDDA Notification of School Board Meetings.


At least one copy of the proposed agenda and all agenda packets and, unless exempt, all materials furnished to the members of the School Board for a meeting are made available for public inspection at the same time such documents are furnished to the members of the School Board.


Any person may photograph, film, record or otherwise reproduce any portion of an open meeting. The School Board may adopt rules governing the placement and use of equipment necessary for broadcasting, photographing, filming or recording a meeting to prevent interference with the proceedings, but does not prohibit or otherwise prevent any person from photographing, filming, recording or otherwise reproducing any portion of an open meeting. The School Board does not conduct any open meeting in any building or facility where such recording devices are prohibited.


Minutes of all regular School Board meetings are recorded in accordance with Policy BDDG Minutes.


Adopted:          October 15, 2018



Legal Ref.:      Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 2.2-3707, 2.2-3708.2, 2.2-3710, 22.1‑72 and 22.1-74.


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