CBB--Appointment and Term of the Superintendent

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The School Board appoints the superintendent from the list of eligibles certified by the Board of Education and determines the term of employment. The superintendent’s term expires on June 30. The superintendent serves an initial term of not less than two years nor more than four years. At the expiration of the initial term, the superintendent is eligible to hold office for the term specified by the School Board, not to exceed four years.


Except as provided below, if the School Board fails to appoint a division superintendent within 180 days of a vacancy, the Virginia Board of Education will appoint a superintendent for the division.


If the School Board has not appointed a superintendent within 120 days of a vacancy, it will submit a written report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction demonstrating its timely efforts to make an appointment and containing a status report with a timeline for making the appointment prior to the 180-day deadline. On request, the School Board will be granted up to an additional 180 days within which to appoint a superintendent.


If the School Board does not appoint a superintendent within 180 days of a vacancy, or request additional time within which to make the appointment, it will immediately notify the Virginia Board of Education, in writing, of its failure to make an appointment. If there has been no extension, within 30 days of the 180th day after the vacancy occurs, the School Board will submit, in writing, its preferred candidate(s), not to exceed three, for the position. The Virginia Board of Education may consider these candidates and other eligible individuals. The Virginia Board of Education may authorize the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to conduct the search for a division superintendent.


If the Virginia Board of Education appoints a superintendent, the contract for the superintendent will be negotiated by the School Board.   


Adopted:          June 18, 2018



Legal Refs.:     Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-58, 22.1-60, 22.1-61.


                        Procedures for Appointment of a School Division Superintendent by the Virginia Board of Education (adopted by the Virginia Board of Education March 22, 2006) (available at http://www.pen.k12.va.us/VDOE/VA_Board/Meetings/2006/mar22min.pdf )


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