EEAD-R--Use of School Buses by Organizations

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File: EEAD-R




In accordance with Title 22.1, Section 182 of the Code of Virginia, the following organizations may enter into a contract for the use of school buses provided the request is approved by the superintendent or his designee:


  1. State Government agencies;


  2. Federal Government agencies;


  3. Local Government agencies;


  4. Agencies organized under Public Law 89-73 (Older Americans Act of 1965); and


  5. Non-profit community organizations.


The cost for such services shall include the wages and all associated fringe costs for any participating employees plus a mileage rate established by the School Board. The current mileage rate, established by the School Board on April 21, 2008 is $0.70.


Adopted:           November 17, 1997

Amended:          April 21, 2008






04/08 ACPS                              ALLEGHANY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS